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Submission + - SPAM: Jennifer Lopez will not be a part of American Idol

An anonymous reader writes: Just when we got used to the new team of judges on "American Idol," rumor has it that one of them may be flying the coop.

The ever-so-busy Jennifer Lopez may have too much on her plate to make the "Idol" commitment for Season 11. Lopez, who juggles a plethora of careers (actress, pop star, Most Beautiful Woman in the World) could be kissing her lucrative "Idol" judging position buh-bye.

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Comment Aperture Science Did this years ago (Score 1) 111

For this next test we put nanoparticles in the gel. In layman's terms, that's a billion little gizmos that are gonna travel into your bloodstream and pump experimental genes and RNA molecules and so forth into your tumours. Now maybe you don't have any tumours. Well don't worry, if you sat on a folding chair in the lobby and weren't wearing lead underpants we took care of that too. - Cave Johnson Aperture Science CEO

Submission + - Kesari Tours (

An anonymous reader writes: Established in 2006 Strawberi Holidays is an FIT division of Kesari Tours Pvt. Ltd., Strawberi Holidays specialises in customising your Holiday just as you like it- Be it your choice of Airline, Hotel, sightseeing or food. Allow us to make your holiday memorable while you travel with your partner,family, friends or by yourself.

Submission + - Solar-Sinter creates glass objects from sun & (

cylonlover writes: Markus Kayser, an MA student at the Royal College of Art in London, has created a 3D printer that creates 3D objects using two things found in abundance in the desert — sun and sand. As well as being powered by the sun via two photovoltaic panels, the Solar-Sinter also focuses the sun's rays to heat sand to its melting point so it then solidifies as glass when it cools, allowing the computer controlled device to produce glass objects from 3D computer designs.

Submission + - SPAM: Creative 3D Models

An anonymous reader writes: In this page you can see a collection of 3D images which shows off some really great creativity and overall talent.
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Submission + - Greek Crisis Is A Warning To Europe, U.S. (

gibbsparker64 writes: "

Posted 06/16/2011 06:44 PM ET

Greek communists gather in Athens Thursday to rally against the government’s austerity measures. Prime Minister George Papandreou vowed to stay on View Enlarged Image
Financial Crisis: As heavily indebted Greece continues to implode, threatening to drag Europe down with it, Americans should remember one key fact: Repeated bailouts don’t work, only fiscal responsibility does.

Make no mistake: Greece’s wounds are self-inflicted. The socialist government of George Papandreou has been chronically unable to agree on badly needed cuts to push the country onto a sound fiscal path.

Now, Papandreou is fighting for his political life, trying to reshuffle his cabinet and win support for austerity reforms that will bring more European Union bailout money, even as he faces riots in the streets and demonstrations against his government’s austerity.

Problem is, Greece’s debt is unsustainable, yet the public — which voted an economically inept socialist government into office — seems to believe the welfare state gravy train never has to end. But it will. It must.

Greece owes close to $240 billion to European Union governments and banks that it can’t pay. Roughly half of that is owed to France and Germany, and right behind Greece are some much bigger debtors that really scare the Eurocrats. They include Ireland ($870 billion in debts), Italy ($1.4 trillion), Spain ($1.2 trillion) and Portugal ($290 billion).

This is why the EU has decided to throw good money after bad, doubling the size of its bailout fund from $1 trillion to more than $2 trillion. It fears political chaos, widespread bank failures and a collapse of the euro.

The bailout must be big enough, notes European Central Bank governor Nout Wellink, “to frighten the market and to convince the markets that governments are prepared to really defend, to the end of their days, Europe as it is and the monetary union.” That’s panic.

But what, really, are they defending? The Greek government’s right to spend far more than it takes in? Or the Greeks’ pathetic refusal to understand that other Europeans won’t pay for their welfare state?

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As the Financial Times noted, “Even if Greece successfully raised ($45 billion) from privatizations, met all its tight budgetary goals and grew in line with the optimistic official forecasts, its government debt would still equal about 150% of gross domestic product in 2014.”

Seen in that light, the bailout really isn’t about Greece’s economy at all. It’s about saving the EU from financial contagion and political chaos. Unfortunately,bailouts merely replace old debt with new. Studies show that cutting spending, not raising taxes, is the way to fix a nation’s finances and get its economy growing.

Time’s running out. At a minimum, the recent crisis means the EU’s cradle-to-grave welfare state is dead.

In its place, Europeans need to restore a sense of self-responsibility, hard work and market discipline, and pare back their demands from government.

As for the U.S., we can neither ignore this crisis nor gloat about it. If we don’t do the same, we’ll be next."

Submission + - SPAM: First look at Toyota Etios Liva

An anonymous reader writes: The Indian automobile market is expanding in a fast pace and the world's top automobile manufacturers are trying to find a place in India. Right from Aston Martin to Tata, every automobile manufacturer is targeting India as a potential automobile market. And, now the leading Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota has targeted the Indian middle class people. I once read in a magazine from an Toyota executive that Toyota will not manufacture or sell small segment cars in India. However, the scenario has changed and Toyota is facing tough competition from other players.

Inorder to compete in the small segment car market, Toyota yesterday has launched the all new Etios Liva. It is a “Q class” hatch back car with the following specifications.

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Submission + - Blendtec Total Blender: A Review (blendtectotalblenderareview)

benjaminrich12 writes: As an alternative, the motor itself spins the jar's blade at excessive-torque speeds of almost 29,000 revolutions per minute (RPM).

Motor base dimensions are 7" large by 8" deep, and the complete unit, with the jar in place — lid on — stands precisely 15" tall. The peak of the Complete Blender is a vital dimension for customers wishing to maintain the unit on a countertop when not in use, as the usual installation top of upper-kitchen cabinets is between 17" and 18" above countertops. A three-foot energy twine with a typical a hundred and twenty volt, 3-prong plug extends from the rear of the machine. Additionally on the again of the bottom is the primary power On/Off switch. The motor vents from its underside, and the complete base rests on 4 round, rubber feet, 7/eight" in diameter. The colored portion of the motor base cowl is made from a sturdy polycarbonate with no seams or openings for liquid penetration.

Have you ever eaten shelled sunflower seeds? Then you recognize that they're slightly oily and contain fat. How about that very same sunflower seed 10 days later after it's sprouted into a sunflower green? Now it is inexperienced crunchy, recent and plump with water. The place did the fat go? The method of sprouting changed the dietary composition of the seed.

If you sprout almonds, you will see a tiny bud starting to type at the tip of the almond and a crack down the middle the place the almond is about to split so the sprout can emerge. This can only occur if the almonds are truly uncooked, recent and viable.

three) Although not needed, I often take away the skins from the almonds earlier than making mylk because it makes the mylk smoother and less gritty. The skins are easier to peel after they've been soaking for a couple of days however to make it even easier, you can blanch the almonds shortly by placing them in boiling water after which into an ice water bath. I usually prefer not to cook dinner them at all and just peel them by hand, however blanching is a faster option.

4) Place the cup of almonds in a high-velocity blender like the HP3 Blentec with cups of water, a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt and an optionally available sweetener like vanilla bean seeds, honey, agave nectar, stevia or yacon syrup. I favor just vanilla bean seeds scraped from an inch long piece of a vanilla pod. If you're making a flavored mylk like chocolate milk or chai, now is an efficient time to add the uncooked cacao or spices. Mix at high speed. Style check your mylk and alter to desired flavor.

5) Pour the almond mylk through a nut mylk bag and squeeze to separate the almond pulp from the mylk. The almond pulp can be used to make other treats like raw almond cookies, but the pulp will only maintain contemporary for 1-2 days refrigerated until you dehydrate it into almond flour.

Yay! You are achieved and now you possibly can get pleasure from your almond mylk straight or use it to make a creamy smoothie, soup, dessert, etc. Sky's the limit!

K Tec Hp3 Champ Blender

Social Networks

Submission + - Social Recommendations: The Rise Of The Hive Mind? (

StormDriver writes: "A web that relies on recommendations to filter the content, is a web of snowball effects. Its opponents already call it a digtal Maoism, where only the mass can be heard, and where people with large amounts of followers get an effective monopoly on having their content seen. If the Internet is the sea of unsorted data, and if the recommendations allow us to fish for things that are upvoted by the collective, how many gems will remain at the bottom, simply because they had no social group, no tribe or fan network willing to support them? A proper, web-wide recommendation system would also require some “wildcards” – pieces of risky, unproven content, that might be interesting for one reason or another. Something to break up the monotony of an established group of content providers."

Submission + - World's largest amateur rocket, 2nd attempt (

Plammox writes: Last year, non-profit, voluntary-based Copenhagen Suborbitals failed at launching what they call the world's largest amateur rocket, because of a frozen LOX-valve. This year, the sea launch platform "Sputnik" has become self-propelled, eliminating the need for their home-built submarine(!). Sputnik is on its way into the Baltic Sea right now and a launch attempt is expected on Friday. However, one of the founders warns that even if ignition should occur, it might very well look like this.

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