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Comment Re: Then Why? (Score 1) 630

Uh every tesla ever sold costing more then the original stated price? All their partners all went to fuel cell, all of them. The grid in socal for example cant even handle normal hot day without rolling brown outs. How many BEV cars can the grid handle? HONDA has a system that powers you house and charges your car and uses the car as an extra power source if needed. Japan IS going fuel cell. Not even a question. Fuelcell is advancing at a crazy rate. Batteries have made almost no advances is 20 years. Just cheaper. Boeing and lockeed are working to be allowed to umm discover amazing things that dont exist officially. You think i have a actual problem with Tesla. I dont i think they hype shit to keep the stock up so they can move forward. Fine, but the FC bullshit slamming based on where the tech was vs say where it is is just so lacking in forsight. http://energy.gov/eere/fuelcel... http://www.roadandtrack.com/ne...

Comment Then Why? (Score 1) 630

This must be why every single partner left tesla and why they have all teamed up with Toyota or Honda. Because its a bad idea. The whole of the auto industry breaks their partnerships and joins Toyota and they are all wrong. So either we all need extra big tin foil hats or Guy who still owns stock in a company that probably can't produce the 3 in Numbers is a tiny bit biased.

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