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Comment AT&T - Most Reliable - NOT!!! (Score 1) 111

Living in SE Wisconsin in a major metropolitan area, AT&T is not reliable at all for data, whether it is 3G or HSDPA. I would say that it is very poor.

If I want good, reliable data transfer, I have to go to a major shopping mall where, regardless of the connection being 3G or HSDPA, I get full signal strength. I live about four miles away from there and if I want to do any kind of use of the AT&T Notwork, I have to see if the 3G or HSDPA signal is stronger and offer my prayers to the propagation gods that the signal holds. I am lucky if the connection hold for five minutes before it chokes and that is on a golden day. Even at the office where I work, we had to put in a local repeater to get to the tower that is about a mile away so the coverage was reliable.

A couple of my offspring's friends have Verizon and I have done a side-by-side comparison, polling the same website, at the same time, and I found that the Verizon phone always had the complete page way before my phone did. Plus, the Verizon phone showed more signal (don't rag me on the bars issue - I prefer to measure signal strength in dBm using an IFR).

I hope that Verizon wins this one because in the eyes of this observer, they would win with me for what I have seen in a real live, unstaged comparison.

Comment I wouldn't rely on it... (Score 1) 177

I have unlimited mobile data via AT&T Mobility (mobile, yes - reliable, no). My cellphone is 3G and HSDPA capable. From home, I use their wireless service for fun and as a backup. Both 3G and HSDPA are unreliable where I live in Milwaukee. One may be available and the other isn't so I am constantly having to switch between the two to whichever protocol I am able to receive at the moment. So at home, I turn off the cell wireless and connect up through my 802.11G wireless router and out that way.

At the salt mines, we had to have a building repeater installed to get to the nearest cellsite. Even with the repeater, the quality of the data service is no better than at home, even with all of the famous "bars" that AT&T advertises for their signal quality.

Honestly, don't waste your money on going with a data plan on a cellphone. Stick with wireline. I expect bandwidth caps to be put on all connections soon, regardless of carrier, to milk the golden goose under the auspices of "network management" but in reality it comes under the auspices of "money management" - managing to get more money out of our pockets.

Comment Re:Rear bumper has a score card... (Score 1) 353

Five out of the seven were on wet roads. Two were on dry. All were at evening rush hour. It almost was eight a couple of months ago except the big Mercedes thought better of hopping a square curb and trashing his alignment than visiting the rear bumper. He ended up even with the rear seat on the right grass strip. I wonder how much the front end alignment cost him...

The crunches occurred about 2-3 seconds after the vehicle had come to a rest. Plus, I leave about 15 feet between myself and the car in front just in case someone tries to go through me when I am stopped at the light. It amounts to inattentive driving and following too close for conditions.

Another problem is that this areas drivers run red lights as a routine. There is one protected 2-lane left turn that I regularly count 6-10 cars running AFTER it turns red. The cops just ignore this place - probably because writing all the tickets would give them cramps but the city would clean up on fines. Plus the yellow is not quick either for that turn.

I just chalk it up to Darwin removing the ones that should be culled from the driving pool.

Comment Rear bumper has a score card... (Score 1) 353

I have a scorecard made of reflective red tape keeping score on how many time I have been rear-ended at yellow lights. The count is seven with two of the cars being totaled in eight years.

The only damage that I have to the Jeep is a bent rear bumper. Viva la old Detroit Iron. BTW, the scorecard has a second benefit, since it is on a bent part of the bumper and reflective, a driver following me sees it, gets a clue, and backs off.

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