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Comment Re:Link layer - HAM packet data? (Score 1) 124

Actually, it does scale quite nicely. A 16dBi Omnidirectional antenna high up on a hill can cover a large area with usable wifi and careful positioning of cheap consumer equipment can get you impressive results. I networked a large property and a good portion of the adjacent bay and islands using this guide: Building a Rural Wireless Mesh Network:

Comment All you need is line of sight (Score 0) 124

Impressiveness is affected by time because it's subject to inflation.

I've easily connected to a ferry's access point from the top of a hill that was 5km away. That was with a cheap usb wifi card on a long usb cord dangling from my car's FM radio antenna. I have a 300 foot building to building 3 AP 802.11b/g client/repeater setup on channels 1 and 11 respectively at my cabin. This is with cheap dlinks and one wrt54G v6 which is the crappiest of the wrt54G's. And you get clear signal on a small island about 100 metres off shore. It is running right now so don't worry about inflation. Go try some of this stuff yourself; it is amazing what link distances are achievable with some planning and basic knowledge of antennas, Fresnel zones and line of sight.

Comment Re:What's With All The RIM Hate? (Score 0) 220

We just got iPhones in my department. The purpose is to support the executives new toys. After a week of using my new 4S I have to say it is the best toy I have ever had. It is a terrible, god awful business tool. My coworkers literally have wasted entire work days shagging the dog on their new toys. Watching Top Gear in the office is the best use I can see for an iPhone in the enterprise environment. Try using the "GoodApp" for "secure" email on idevices... it is NOT GOOD. For communication you need something with a keyboard and a removable battery and a solid infrastructure. Apple's "fuck enterprise" attitude is very frustrating because every manager, etc. thinks they need the latest toy to keep up with the other execs. We are rolling out iPhones in my organization and they are a support nightmare. The early adopters are already having dead batteries after a year. Apple's solution? Mail your old phone and we mail you a new one! It is a far cry from grabbing a battery off my pile and throwing it in a user's BB. We still pry World Editions from people's hands. I can throw my BB on the concrete floor and be certain it will be fine. Hell it has flown out my car's window and down staircases. Going away from power for a few days? No problem; I bring an extra fully charged battery and pop it in the back. BBs are workhorses. RIM needs to capitalize on that fact and market to people who want a communication tool, not a toy.

Comment Re:A third of them should be fired. (Score 0) 117

a third of workers [...] were 'more productive'

two-thirds of mobile employees say they are working 50+ and 60+ hour weeks

Which means a third is working more hours while not doing a damn thing more. Either that or a lot of people are lying about how much they work.

Or they were working 50+ or 60+ hours before, and now they're getting more done in the same amount of time. Or, they accomplish the same amount in the time they're working, but they spend more time working because their bosses confuse "working from home" with "always on call".

Working more hours for the same quality and quantity of work just shows poor time management on the part of the employee. If they are exceeding expectations at home then they would probably do the same in the office except now you literally have some people wanking off all day long.

Comment Re:A week? (Score 0) 1004

Option 3 is wait a year for the DVD release.

I do this. Is this really impossible for most Slashdotters? A year is nothing, really. I've waited longer than that for a game to come down to the price I care to pay. I also don't have to spend $400 every so often for the latest graphics cards.

What kind of computer requires you to upgrade a graphics card to watch TV?? Damn, I use a 4 year old corporate POS Dell to watch 720p video with zero issues.

Comment Re:Amusing. (Score 0) 216

We leave a wireless "guest network" open and shut down torrents when we hit a 1.0 ratio. We have encryption and auto-updated blocklists.

We're smart geeks and we know the risks. We know it might piss someone off. Just like keeping up with highway traffic: technically we're speeding, but the chances of getting pulled over are slim to none. If we get caught and our ISP send us a nastygram, we knock it off for a while.

Nothing about that is smart in any way. For one, it breaks the fundamental idea of torrents which is a ration above 1.0 and for two do some basic research and secure your torrent client and use PeerBlock. Sheesh. "Smart geeks" use a workaround, not turning off a torrent at 1.0. That's dumb.

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