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Comment Awesome! (Score 1) 404

Loving it, granted it's only been 2 years but I'm doing some support for our corporate clients while working on security improvements for our network and servers. A lot of working on stuff alone, researching and learning. It's what interests me and therefore it's awesome.
PC Games (Games)

How PC Game Modders Are Evolving 98

Lanxon writes "Wired has a lengthy investigation into the state of PC game mods, and the amateurs keeping the scene exciting in the wake of draconian DRM placed on many PC titles by major studios. It highlights a number of creative modders, such as Scott Reismanis, founder and editor of Mod DB, and his community-driven alternative to Valve's Steam — Desura — which is 'a distribution system, and, like Steam, will sell games and champion indie titles. But the way it handles mods makes it even more exciting.'"

Doctors Seeing a Rise In "Google-itis" 368

It's one of the fastest-growing health issues that doctors now face: "Google-itis." Everyone from concerned mothers to businessmen on their lunch break are typing in symptoms and coming up with rare diseases or just plain wrong information. Many doctors are bringing computers into examination rooms now so they can search along with patients to alleviate their fears. "I'm not looking for a relationship where the patient accepts my word as the gospel truth," says Dr. James Valek. "I just feel the Internet brings so much misinformation to the (exam) room that we have to fight through all that before we can get to the problem at hand."

Comment Re-bought and it's worth it (Score 1) 238

I had previously bought Aquaria directly from bit-blot and it's one of the best games I've played in many years. Now I chipped in again despite having played it already just to support them. World of Goo and Penumbra are also great games in their own right. Also a nice bonus was being able to buy the Penumbra Collection for $5 if you did buy the Humble Indie Pack. That makes this pack a truly awesome deal and seemingly; much overlooked.

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