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Comment Rural Electrification Act (Score 1) 279

Why not follow the same procedure that was already done in 1936? The Rural Electrification Act gave federal loans to the electric companies with the sole purpose of delivering electricity to all rural areas.
The act created the Rural Utilities Service that also oversaw telephone. Perhaps adding data access to their purview...

Submission + - Evidence based defense against corporate filtering

Aesculapius writes: I am a physician owner of a moderate sized clinic. Over the past several years, we have successfully deployed and utilized an electronic medical records system. This greater use of computers by all the employees has led to a growing push for internet filtering. The rationalizations are the usual: prevent loss of productivity, reduce the organizations liability, and private surfing is beyond the scope of employment. A recent nebulous court decision has be used as proof of need for filtering: The level of filtering seems to be progressing toward more of a white list system.

I take issue with this filtering for a number of reasons:
1. It shows a lack of trust in our employees, whom we trust with the health of others and the security of their information.
2. Filtering should not be used carte blanch instead of managing specific employees whose productivity is being affected by surfing
3. I don't believe that the liability is as significant as has been stated
4. Morale would be negatively affected

While I am a partner/owner, I am in the minority on this issue.

So, I ask you fellow slashdotters:
1. Am I wrong? Is the liability climate for this type of thing significant enough to provide more than basic (porn,warez,etc) filtering?
2. If not, what type of concrete information can I bring to my board and management team to help them make a more moderate policy on this issue? Things like productivity studies, liability analysis, case studies would be wonderful. If it is pertinent to the health care industry it would be better.


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