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Comment Re:NYTimes, Washingon Post etc (Score 2, Insightful) 822

She & Bill have transferred almost 2 million dollars from accounts in the USA, to Dubai. Now why do that? Planning on fleeing the country on November the 9th if you lose?

When your political opponent is threatening to throw you in jail if they win, having a fallback may be prudent. Shit, I'd flee too if I thought Trump was going to win at this point.

Comment I still don't get it (Score 1) 71

It'll get you some prettier games for a price that'll likely be obscenely expensive for a traditional home console- and by having the requirement of no PS4:Pro exclusive games, they're really limiting what the devs can do/come up with. You can use the extra processing power to make things prettier or maybe add a few more enemies to the screen at a time... but is that really worth an entirely new console to people?

At this point you really are better off getting a PC in most cases. It probably wont' do 4K at that same price, but then the P4Pro is only barely doing 4K to begin with- and that's only if you have a 4K tv!

Comment Re:Wireless Headphones (Score 1) 105

Yeah, that's the other part of this that I wouldn't be happy about if I were an apple customer- bluetooth sound quality is far, FAR from superb. While I DO own a pair of headphones of that variety, the only reason I use them at all is to make my life easier while working out/not destroying the cord like I have so many times before.

Speaking of which, I imagine many users will be stuck charging their headphones daily- perhaps even more if they're anything like mine which top out at 4 hours. Right now it's only a frustration, since I charge twice a week- but having to deal with it on a regular basis is not something I'd look forward to.

That being said, the silver lining I see in this is the possibility that we'll see a major push to improve the quality of wireless headphones. Unless they're using their own proprietary standard, at which point they can get fucked.

Comment Re:Peter Thiel didn't bankrupt Gawker (Score 1) 242

Thiel used his money to silence a news organization. Granted, the news organization had done some shitty things, but doing this even once proves it can work.

Even if you don't like Gawker (I don't), this is not a thing to be celebrated. It will be used again, and quite likely on targets far less deserving.

Comment Re:Great, so when will they ban the SJWs (Score 1) 119

Ouch. I had a very similar experience, but all I said was that sexual liberation doesn't mean that sexism is over. It all went downhill from there very fast, ending a week later with me being called a multitude of ableist and racial slurs by people who consider changing box art a threat to free speech.

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