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Comment LLC ! Taxfree (Score 2) 240

LLC is a legal status (literally, Limited Liability Company), not a tax status. an LLC can be a partnership or an S-Corp. If its a partnership, all the profits & losses go to the owners of the LLC. If its an S-Corp, the S-Corp pays taxes on the profits and the owners pays taxes on any profits distributed to the owners. The only "tax dodge" at work here is that Zuckerberg transferred his facebook shares to the LLC for no compensation. No matter what something might be valued at, you have to transfer it in return for something of value before you owe taxes.

Comment Doing it Wrong (Score 1) 100

You are doing it wrong. Bookmarks should be used a marker for hard to find sites that required a lengthy search process to find, or for sites that you open every day (right-click bookmark folder "Morning News", choose 'open all bookmarks'). If you have a thousand bookmarks and haven't spent the time to organize them in a system, you will never find what you are looking for; which requires you to use search for everything.

Comment High Contrast Screen Display as Default (Score 1) 508

I don't understand this obsession with white backgrounds and light shaded text. Why can't we have true high contrast background & text coloring? And don't point me at those crappy system themes that don't work 80% of the time. I'm talking about true high-contrast regardless of the application or web page.

Comment Bandwidth (Score 1) 151

Data centers need high speed connections to the rest of the world, which usually means the Internet. While rural land is cheap, it doesn't have the high speed connections required. Therefore data centers will be located in cities, usually just off the city core, in the closest suburbs.

Comment Use a Walking Desk, Not a Standing Desk (Score 3, Interesting) 340

I've been using a Lifespan 1200 walking treadmill with an appropriate height desk for about 2 years and did a standing desk for about 6 months before that. The walking desk is easier on your feet and burns more calories (directly from walking and indirectly via reduced 'resting state' time). Shoes required are very different - standing requires firm ankle support with a multi-layer sole & insole combination, while walking requires high quality shoes that limit your side-to-side foot roll.

Unfortunately, this program doesn't come cheap. You can spend $1500 for a desk & treadmill combination. (Much less if you want a crappy setup that you won't happy with, or with custom-built setup that you create yourself). Insoles replacements can add up, though shoe costs are not a problem long term if you buy high quality expensive shoes to start.

If you want absolute low cost, skip the desk and focus on frequent natural movements & a simple diet of the essentials. A rigorous exercise program can make you very fit, but won't give the long term cardio benefits of walking. Strength training will increase muscle mass that will increase your caloric load, but it doesn't give any cardio benefits at all. Diet only can eliminate the problems of weight and nutritional imbalances, but doesn't improve your cardio.

Combine a desk program with an intelligent nutritional plan (the correct nutrients at the correct time, with the correct caloric load) and you can lose a lot of weight. (I lost 100 lbs in two years.) After you reach ideal weight, you will likely find yourself consuming as much calories as what made you overweight. (If you do this, make sure you will stick with the the walking desk regimen long term for the health benefits, if you go back to sitting again, you just put yourself on the yo-yo diet program.

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