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Comment Re:And they won't need to pre-approve you (Score 1) 29

This is true, but at the same time, when you have as much capital on-hand as Apple, why not pay more than the bad guys to make sure you get the majority of the exploits? The only ones that will keep them close to the hip are those that find out the exploit AND figure they can personally benefit more by using it. That is a much smaller portion of the bug hunters.

Comment Re:Softbank (Score 1) 153

Speaking to cell companies in Japan though, it was my understanding they were 2nd or maybe even only 3rd in subscriber base behind NTT Docomo and au. Although that was several years ago, so maybe things have changed.

An interesting thing to note is, most people living abroad in Japan get a phone through Softbank, because the rules through the other providers are a lot more strict. Also heard some say that was because Softbank was started by a "foreigner" as well, but dunno for sure.

Comment Re:Not everyone should be a PC Gamer. (Score 1) 729

Most of it is either common sense with just a bare minimum of thought applied to inspecting it, or can be answered quickly via Google. Sadly a lot of people today have neither common sense nor the patience to look at something for a minute first. Nor know how to search Google for that matter.

Frankly, it boggles my mind that Millenials are constantly online, but can't use Google to save their life.

Comment Re:C'mon, one google search to solve all your prob (Score 3, Insightful) 729

Most people know someone that will help them build a new rig for a case of beer anyways. And this guy's article was obviously clickbait at its finest with the amount of hyperbole and sensationalism being thrown about. Not to mention spending way more money than needed for a decent gaming PC.

Who buys a 1TB SSD for a standard gaming system? Nobody. He also spent $180 on a case and $200 on a mobo when there are plenty of very nice cases in the $100 range and mobos in the $120-150 range. And with a case as large as the one he bought, I don't buy that he couldn't fit the motherboard in there easily and screw it down. Those tend to have plenty of access space, with the only somewhat troublesome screw being the one in the back corner by the PSU, but thats what a magnetized screwdriver is for then. Consumer watercooling solutions are also really simple to tie down. Far easier than a standard cooler, since it requires far less pressure.

Guy sounds like a wanker judging by his Twitter account anyways, so not surprised.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

I don't recommend refurbing rotors at all. You have a high likelihood of the new pads not seating properly and the thinner rotors will warp a lot easier. In both cases it leaves you with noisy brakes that are annoying to listen to. And if you're gonna pay the price to turn down the rotors, you may as well use that money for new ones anyways. Something like higher-quality napa rotors and pads should still be $200 or less for all four wheels, and I still think he got fleeced on doing the rears at the same time—75% of your braking is done in the front, so the rears were probably fine. (Assuming 4-wheel disc. Rear drums last even longer... 150k+ miles.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

You're forgetting you have to pay sales tax every time you buy another car. Depending on the state, that can add another 5-11% plus registration fees. Most car sales also involve several thousand up-front. Meanwhile you've lost 2/3 of the value of the car selling it at 6 years, but less than 1/4 for the next 4. At the average 12k miles/year that puts you at 120k miles after 10 years. Most cars require minimal maintenance to that point in their life these days. The real maintenance costs don't happen until 150k+ when you start having things like rear drum brakes needing replacement, radiator, water pump, shocks, exhaust work, etc. Even then, much of the maintenance can be done for a fraction of the cost by yourself, and without much mechanical prowess. Check Youtube videos and determine what you're capable of.

IE: Had Autozone run the code from the check-engine light and it was the EGR Valve. Taking it to a shop would have cost me $350. The part itself turned out to cost $85 and was merely 2 bolts and a power connector. Took all of 5 minutes to do myself. Were it not for the videos, I would have assumed it was something I couldn't handle and dished out way more money.

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