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Comment Re:Keep it original... (Score 1) 304

The question becomes: Were most of the plot points from Episode 1-3 devised by him before shooting 4-6? Stuff like Obi-Wan precipitating Anakin's reliance on the suit, claiming to not know the droids etc. could just as easily be explained by a lot of the writing from 1-3 being retcon and thereby inconsistent with the script of 4-6.

Comment Can't be worse than FL human drivers (Score 5, Funny) 131

At first I was shaking my head at how reckless the idea of allowing completely uncertified automation systems on a 3-ton slab of metal hurtling down the road at highway speeds was. Then I remembered this is Florida we're talking about—it certainly can't be any worse than things already are...

Comment Re:Fuck Win 10 (Score 1, Interesting) 164

It's a trojan horse. They added the telemetry to 7/8 as a recommended update at some point. Now he wants to upsell you on Win10 offering some level of user control over the telemetry. Thing is, you don't have to download the telemetry update. I certainly didn't. And the "user control over telemetry" is percentage-based, certainly not an absolute value.

IE: Users can control 25% of the 1000 points of telemetry data MS collects about you Vs. 0% control of the 20 points of telemetry data in 7/8.
You're still getting spied on way more than before.

Comment Re: Basic small-government argument. (Score 1) 357

Except for the part where the autonomous cars don't handle themselves like a real person driving a vehicle does, which causes unexpected behavior that leads to accidents. Google's self-driving car was only liable in 1 accident, I believe, but was found to have done behavior that induced numerous other accidents to occur.

Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 541

There is another important angle you are discounting: If corporations fire all their human workforce, where will their revenue come from? Everyone can't be unemployed, otherwise there will be nobody to buy their goods and services. Unless the entire economy is going to subsist on only the revenue of companies buying from other companies. But even then, eventually there needs to be an output...

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