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Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

This case went well beyond the normal bounds of "going viral" it appears. But she should know the #1 rule of sharing things on the internet: Once it's out there, it's on the internet forever. How many other cases have we seen of people trying to quash embarrassing photos or videos online? Has it ever worked? No. Even if it were possible to prevent them from sharing on the original file, he could have recorded with his phone and passed it on. Especially since it was sent to an ex to piss him off...

People may WANT to only share in a limited fashion, but we do not yet live in a world where that is possible. In THIS world, once it's out there, it's out of your hands.

Comment Re:And they won't need to pre-approve you (Score 1) 29

This is true, but at the same time, when you have as much capital on-hand as Apple, why not pay more than the bad guys to make sure you get the majority of the exploits? The only ones that will keep them close to the hip are those that find out the exploit AND figure they can personally benefit more by using it. That is a much smaller portion of the bug hunters.

Comment Re:Softbank (Score 1) 153

Speaking to cell companies in Japan though, it was my understanding they were 2nd or maybe even only 3rd in subscriber base behind NTT Docomo and au. Although that was several years ago, so maybe things have changed.

An interesting thing to note is, most people living abroad in Japan get a phone through Softbank, because the rules through the other providers are a lot more strict. Also heard some say that was because Softbank was started by a "foreigner" as well, but dunno for sure.

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