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Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 281

AMD has been shipping approximately the same CPUs for like 5+ years now. Their last architecture flopped and they've been stalled ever since. Last relevant CPU release they had was the FX-8350, and that is from 2012. Even then, the IPC on them was so low, they benched lower than most i3 offerings.


Ethicists Advise Caution In Applying CRISPR Gene Editing To Humans ( 159

New submitter Baron_Yam quotes a report from Washington Post (Warning: may be paywalled; alternate source): Ethicists have been working overtime to figure out how to handle CRISPR, the revolutionary gene-editing technique that could potentially prevent congenital diseases but could also be used for cosmetic enhancements and lead to permanent, heritable changes in the human species. The latest iteration of this ongoing CRISPR debate is a report published Tuesday by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine. The report, a series of guidelines written by 22 experts from multiple countries and a variety of academic specialties, presents a kind of flashing red light for CRISPR. The report did not recommend an absolute prohibition of gene editing on the human "germline" if such interventions can be proved safe. This would involve genetic changes to eggs, sperm or embryos that would persist in an adult and could be inherited by future generations. For some ethicists, that represents a slippery slope. At the conclusion of a gene-editing summit in Washington at the National Academy of Sciences in December 2015, scientists said that although some basic research could proceed, it would be irresponsible to use genetically modified germline cells for the purpose of establishing a pregnancy. But the new report takes a slightly more permissive, forward-thinking position, saying that, if and when such interventions are proved safe -- which could be in the near future -- and if numerous criteria are met to ensure that such gene editing is regulated and limited, it could potentially be used to treat rare, serious diseases. "We say proceed with all due caution, but we don't prohibit germline, after considerable discussion and debate," said Richard Hynes, an MIT biologist and one of the leaders of the new study. "We're talking only about fixing diseases."

Comment Shadowing of real drivers by the automated system (Score 1) 113

Shouldn't it be possible to outfit one of these trucks to log not only the actions of the automated system, but also of the human driver? Have human drivers doing their usual routine for a year while also having the automated systems active—But instead of actually controlling the truck, they would merely log the actions they would have taken and any discrepancies between the human driver and automated systems could be analyzed to account for edge-cases.

Comment Re:Try focusing on your real competitors (Score 1) 261

I think another angle is there is a longstanding behavior for users to not use the built-in Windows browser. The fact the name "changed" from IE to Edge doesn't factor for people. They just go "Oh, this is that Windows browser again? Well, disable as usual and download the one I always use."

Comment Re:Keep it original... (Score 1) 304

The question becomes: Were most of the plot points from Episode 1-3 devised by him before shooting 4-6? Stuff like Obi-Wan precipitating Anakin's reliance on the suit, claiming to not know the droids etc. could just as easily be explained by a lot of the writing from 1-3 being retcon and thereby inconsistent with the script of 4-6.

Comment Can't be worse than FL human drivers (Score 5, Funny) 131

At first I was shaking my head at how reckless the idea of allowing completely uncertified automation systems on a 3-ton slab of metal hurtling down the road at highway speeds was. Then I remembered this is Florida we're talking about—it certainly can't be any worse than things already are...

Comment Re:Fuck Win 10 (Score 1, Interesting) 164

It's a trojan horse. They added the telemetry to 7/8 as a recommended update at some point. Now he wants to upsell you on Win10 offering some level of user control over the telemetry. Thing is, you don't have to download the telemetry update. I certainly didn't. And the "user control over telemetry" is percentage-based, certainly not an absolute value.

IE: Users can control 25% of the 1000 points of telemetry data MS collects about you Vs. 0% control of the 20 points of telemetry data in 7/8.
You're still getting spied on way more than before.

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