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Comment Re:Hang on... (Score 4, Insightful) 79

The above referenced wikipedia article indicates that as of May 2013, the Play Store had somewhere in the realm of 48 billion downloads (up from 40 billion in April 2013). It would be relatively safe to assume that if the number of downloads went up by 8 billion in one month, that exceeding 50 billion by today's date (over a month later) would not be far fetched.

Submission + - Pro gamer fatal1ty says gamers learn "10 times mor (

Rinisari writes: "Nik Parenti from the Pittsburgh LAN Coalition interviewed professional gamer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Johnathan "fatal1ty" Wendel. In it, Wendel talks extensively about his video gaming background, how he got into professional gaming, and how he continues to be active in the e-sports scene. He also shares some advice to aspiring gamers: "The amount of information you'll gain at going to a LAN party compared to what you find out online is drastically different. I always said you'll learn ten times the amount of information by going to a LAN party than you will online, ever. ... Get to LAN parties, you'll learn way more.""

Comment Re:Mattress! (Score 2, Insightful) 345

False again. The value of the money didn't change, the purchasing power of the money changed. The paper is still worth $150,000 regardless of year. The purchasing power of $150,000 will go up or down as inflation and de-inflation change the purchasing power of the paper money.

Going back to when you grandfather was your age, that same $12 (assuming a $10 bill and 2 $1 bills) would still be worth $12 in todays economy. However, the purchasing power of $12 is vastly less today than it was 90 years ago.

Purchasing power is where we derive things like the CPI, so we can track how it changes over time.

Comment Interesting (Score 1) 258

I find it interesting that they categorize traditional business management roles in with computer science. Perhaps the university I went to was something of a novelty, but there were two distinctly different majors. One was Information Technology, and one was Computer Science. They were not even in the same college within the university. IT was more business (classes like managerial communications, data communications, and ITIL), while CS was programming.

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