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Comment Re:What about EU prices? (Score 2) 81

Actually, you pay €0.79 instead of $0.99 in the App Store (what this article is about). Also the development program costs €79 instead of $99....

If you remove the VAT it's actually a bit cheaper than the US price...

That iPad you talk about is actually €479, then minus the VAT and converted to dollars it's $595

Comment Re:Atari did not do it first. (Score 1) 203

I was an Atari fangirl back then, the 2600, the 8-bits and the ST (and even a TT) I really loved them, but if I'm honest the Amiga had better hardware and a better OS. So did the Atari 8-bit series BTW, they had better hardware than the C64 and if you look closely you really see stuff from the Atari 8-bits in the Amiga...

Comment Re:only a few years after, it came to home PCs (Score 1) 203

Ahhhh, Atari ST vs. Commodore Amiga, good old times...

Have a look at the development times they both had... I think it's rather impressive that the designer of the Commodore 64 managed to design the Atari ST so damn fast after Amiga's designers ditched the deal with Atari and go with Commodore...

I always found it funny that the same people defending the C64 also defended the Amiga while dishing on the Atari 8-bits and the ST and vice versa since the C64 and the ST were designed by the same people while the Atari 8-bits were designed by the same people as the Amiga....


Half-Male, Half-Female Fowl Explain Birds' Sex Determination 117

Kanan excerpts from a BBC report out of Scotland: "A study of sexually scrambled chickens suggests that sex in birds is determined in a radically different way from that in mammals. Researchers studied three chickens that appeared to be literally half-male and half-female, and found that nearly every cell in their bodies — from wattle to toe — has an inherent sex identity. This cell-by-cell sex orientation contrasts sharply with the situation in mammals, in which organism-wide sex identity is established through hormones." Kanan also supplies this link to some pictures of the mixed-cell birds.

Comment Re:MIsleading (Score 1) 149

I dunno, considering the importance/popularity of the IBM PC, the origins of the convention seem clear. Once the clones took over, you couldn't call it Mac vs IBM any more, and you need a name for that class of computer... Really, I can't remember the last time (if ever) I saw "PC" used to mean "personal computer" generally.

Sure, am all for still naming the class of computer a PC but why assume it's also running Windows?

As a side note it's also absurd to just say Mac when they actually mean OSX these days. If I try to install a Mac only application on my Apple Mac running Linux or Windows it doesn't really work :D

Comment Re:And the race begins (Score 5, Informative) 149

Ehh, the Kindle's AZW format is a modified Mobipocket format of which the DRM can be removed by easier methods than you describe! I even have bought Kindle ebooks without owning a Kindle and read them on my iLiad with the DRM removed ofcourse :D

Do a google search for: mobipocket decoder

So, the major geek cred must go to the person who wrote that I suppose ;)

Comment Re:Whiney complaints (send to /dev/null) (Score 4, Informative) 262

If you want Qt widely used you need to make it easy to get and install.

They (Qt Software) make it easy to use and install for their intended user-base. Namely: developers
As an end-user you have no business going there.

The applications you are trying to install should be installed using apt-get which will install the needed Qt libs.
If there's no .deb for the requested app, apt-get ubuntu's libqt4-dev, download the source, go to the source directory where the .pro (project) file is located. run qmake-qt4 in that directory and then run a normal make.

It's not that hard, even from sources. Sure, some problems might arise if the app is using features of a newer Qt version than the 1 bundled with your distro. Even that is easy to solve if you are a developer and if you're not, go complain to the author of the app...

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