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Comment Re:Now I'm Worried (Score 2, Interesting) 278

My grandpa worked for various cable companies back during the 90s. He would basically be put in charge of a new TV station office and get them on their feet. I was little, but I remember some sort of map of what stations/services were available where. I think there was a brochure that was publicly available that listed all cable companies in the area, with all the stations they offered and such.

This was before cable internet was even heard of so there wasn't much else to list other than TV stations. Am I thinking of the Nielsen's list?

Back on the OT, if the individual companies offer information about what services they offer where, then there is nothing wrong with making an overlapping compilation. As long as the data is shown as unbiased as possible (so that it may be used later for whatever purpose), and from what I understand there is no political agenda behind Wiki, I don't see a problem with it.

Why the hell would you want to copyright information regarding what services you sever where? It puts a bad name out for anyone observant enough who can see through the restriction of information for marketing purposes. But I often wonder what % of the population is like that.

If they don't already have a copyright on it then there is no case to discuss. If there is, or ever is, a copyright on that sort of thing then everyone is going to be left in the dark, aside from the new black market that may open up between companies.

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