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Submission + - Hiding the "Hiding the Decline" (

Advocate123 writes: This video describes the proxy data before 1850 in the climate record and why "hiding the decline" hid the true reliability of the proxies.

Submission + - Internet Explorer Hackers Break Microsoft's Wall (

Advocate123 writes: "Microsoft Corp. is taking the unusual step of issuing an emergency fix for a security hole in its Internet Explorer software that has exposed millions of users to having their computers taken over by hackers."

Submission + - George Lakoff Made Up His Theory of Moral Politics (

Advocate123 writes: I was looking to do an analysis of George Lakoff's study about politics, until I realized there was no study at all! That is right; he invented the whole thing with a student of his. There is no study. There is no science. This is not a joke; this man is teaching something he concocted out of thin air, and he admits it in the video.

Submission + - Rockridge Institute: The Most Deceitful Far-Left O (

Advocate123 writes: Many of you need to be aware of an extremely devious propaganda organization. Worst of all, some of its senior members are professors at American Universities around the Country where they are able to intellectually abuse their students under the cloak of social science. I am talking about the Rockridge Institute.

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