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Comment Re:Spoofing the major issue? (Score 1) 148

DNSSEC is the answer to that. The article mentions nothing new. It was known for years. As long as you trust a third party to verify "you" are "you", security is lost. Make your OWN ca private key on a secure smartcard processor. Keep the card offline, sign your server certs and use convergence.io All the rest is just like building fort/castle from scratch with all the security and then outsourcing the build of the key for the main door! ;)

Comment Re:Self signed? (Score 2) 276

You are better off this way (which I use by the way) Get some PKI compliant smartcard, compile everything on an offline machine (drivers, pcsc / opensc) and then make the smartcard's crypto engine generate a private key and protect it with a pin. Use the smartcard to hold the keys. Keep the card on you at all times. Cloak it with printing a banklogo on top! You can make 2 cards, one holding the CA and you can vault that one (it has 3 pin attempts after which the cards data is LOST) and use that card to sign some other certs for your SSH keys and others ;) Its secure and if you modify the DF(filesystem) of the smartcard any non-targetted attack against you, even when you connect it to non-secure machine will fail! Your private key will always stay safe. Y

Comment How long before... (Score 1) 78

... they give unmanned vehicles nuclear / ICBM capabilities? How long before we see a takeover by a hostile/terrorist state of such an unmannded carrier and actually resulting in a REAL war. Computers shouldn't be put in control of heavy weaponry. The good old finger on mechanical trigger should do the job. We here on slashdot should realize the implications of giving computers "control" over WMD (which include ICMB). Doesn't this worry anybody here on slashdot? Some of us are capable of finding a buffer-overflows (like you find water in your fridge), analyzing the memory, writing a good payload exploit... This is soo bad. Besides all this, its easier to make mistakes, hurt innocents when you are not in the line of fire. Its easier to press that enter/execute button and kill people. It takes away a lot of the moral issues. When war becomes a videogame, where is the moral oversight.... sigh..

Submission + - Plug & play anonymization device with ad-filtering (elconfidencial.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Spanish newspaper reports 2 engineers designing a plug&play anonymization device called "Adnonify" that sits between your modem/router and the rest of your network that tunnel all your traffic transparently trough HTTPS connections, filter all advertising & trackers and allow you to chose the country where your traffic is terminated. In light of recent privacy privacy invasions this seems to be a great idea! They have started an indiegogo crowd-funding campaign: http://igg.me/at/adnonify

Submission + - SPAM: Ask slashdot: Plug & play network anonymization device being built

An anonymous reader writes: Slashdot, we have been reading slashdot for a decade and this is our first submission. We are building this plug & play anonymization device which will filter advertising, trackers and hide your physical location. In light of the events of the past weeks concerning the NSA and GCHQ wiretaps this seems to be a great idea! We are building a Peer to Peer decentralized VPN network which will allow the average user to secure his connection. We are using standard HTTPS port to avoid being blocked or throttled. There is an indiegogo campaign that is launched. What do you think slashdot? Need your input! What do you expect from the adnonify!
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