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Comment Re:This is no roadway (Score 1) 163

You try getting your neighbors to put these in over the sidewalks, I have a hard enough time just getting them to trim the bushes away.

These make a lot of sense for sidewalks, they melt snow when needed, and then collect energy the rest of the time. Considering nobody bothers to shovel sidewalks anymore, we only have to gain from this.

Comment Re:Actually this is a good thing for the autopilot (Score 1) 379

Something I'm not hearing is at what time of day it was and what direction the car was going. Something from my early driving days that impacted me hard was driving through my neighborhood (tight, narrow, curvy streets with both sides of parking) in the evening and the sun was right infront of me. Speeds at about 10~15mph (military housing) and still only had about 2 seconds to react to a pickup truck coming out of the glare. Literally, the glare was so bad it was like somebody walking through a heavy bead curtain infront of me.

I was still going too fast for the conditions. My speed should have been dead slow, but the other guys conditions wouldn't be the same as mine in this case and thus may have been driving.

Comment Re:Why isn't it the trucks fault (Score 1) 379

Not in America, the side skirts are considered only for the fuel efficiency. This is the current standard:


They are required to have the bar on the rear which acts as a bumper if you will, but the only time trailers are lower than this is if there technical requirement for it.

Comment Re:Disable cycleist hum (Score 1) 156

And in these burbs, myself and my kids have almost been killed riding bikes on the sidewalk, because people don't stop before the crosswalk or look going in and out of driveways. (No seriously, both kids have had to dodge cars entering the crosswalk without stopping at the line). When riding on the streets with me, nothing even close to that.

A cyclist using a full lane is the right and proper way to cycle (ever since the 1800's). They are not obstructing traffic, they are traffic. The bike isn't going to cause a crash. The person driving 45+ around curves without slowing down will be doing the crashing. You shouldn't single out bicycle from the legal road users group that could also be stopped or slow at any given moment on the road.

Comment Re: EVs will drive cost / mile to new lows (Score 1) 655

That is what he was saying, you just quoted cars that people wanted to keep so they did everything they could to keep them on the road. How many of the Chevelles though are the base line Malibus they was based on? I have seen, maybe, 1 in my life. Thing is, that they are not daily drivers anymore and they are no more reliable now than they was then. It is just easier to get spar parts for them these days since you can build one from a catalog.

*Source: my own Chevelle

Comment Re:Yeah, so... (Score 1) 655

Surpassed you say?

"When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments. Here was a machine of precision and balance for the convenience of man. And (unlike subsequent inventions for manâ(TM)s convenience) the more he used it, the fitter his body became. Here, for once, was a product of manâ(TM)s brain that was entirely beneficial to those who used it, and of no harm or irritation to others. Progress should have stopped when man invented the bicycle."
Elizabeth West, 'Hovel in the Hills'

Comment Re:Summon into back of trailer mode? (Score 2) 408

If you park on the wrong side of the road and a large vehicle parks in front of you, there isn't a sufficient line of side from the drivers seat (which is on the edge of the road) into the lane you are watching. They only way to see then is to start pulling out of the spot.

When parking on the correct side, your mirror is more than enough to see clear down the street.

Boston is notorious for bad drivers, it is not an example.

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