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Comment Re:Wasn't there already a free laptop (Score 0) 57

I'm not sure this meets the standard criteria for a laptop these days. That doesn't mean it isn't a valid, useful device, but if you think about the things most people buy a laptop to *do*, they're going to be secondary to the function of this machine. When you say "Laptop" people think "Sophisticated operating system, wide range of available software, media player, useful for software development, gaming machine (maybe), interfaces with wide range of modern portable devices, etc). This sounds like it's got a rather different set of capabilities in mind. Apple probably wouldn't like "HackBook", but it seems to fit better. http://bastcomputer.blogspot.com/">please visit it

Comment Re:Wood use is minimal. (Score -1, Flamebait) 120

No, I think Stallman's laptop just happened to have a free BIOS. IIRC Stallman does not think that free hardware is nearly as important as free software. This is a an open/free source hardware design meaning that anyone could theoretically grab the design files, do whatever changes they want and then start producing the board. The integrated circuits are for the most part closed designs of course. If you want to design a completely and utterly open laptop you must first design an open universe...http://bastcomputer.blogspot.com/">please visit it

Comment Re:Unless you have a 1st gen iPad ... (Score 0) 205

For 1st beta I restored my iphone five to 6.1.4, activated it on itunes(don`t touch it, make sure it`s activated only trough itunes and still is with that "IPHONE" on the lock screen. Then I restored it to the iOS7 beta 1, which worked. But never tried for the following betas, I restored it back to iOS 6 before the launch of beta 2, I didn`t want to risk it. If anyone wants to try, tell me after c;http://computersbds.blogspot.com/">please visit it

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