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Comment Ridiculous conclusion (Score 4, Informative) 443

I haven't even read the study and can tell you the title conclusion is completely ridiculous, bordering on bad click-bait.There exists over 1 Billion cars in the world. Unless the governments of all countries in the world both fully subsidize AND legally mandate people to switch to electric cars AND build global infrastructure to support 1 Billion electrical cars, then it ain't gonna happen. Simple as that, end of story.

Comment It's Ethereum, not Bitcoin. (Score 5, Informative) 47

It's ok, you utter the word, the secret's out now... Anyone seriously looking at "blockchain" technology is considering using Ethereum (aka bitcoin 2.0), not Bitcoin, including R3 CEV in the linked article. The ability to script transactions in bitcoin is fairly limited and not flexible. Yes there are ongoing ventures and ideas to work around that: side-chains, blockstream, colored coins, rootstock, etc, but these are all non-existent for production use at this time. Ethereum launched 6 months ago and can be used now, although it has far less time in the open than bitcoin (6 months vs ~7 years), so from a security perspective, it still needs to prove itself. Meanwhile, research teams of organizations can start testing it. Where Bitcoin can disrupt the financial sector, Ethereum can disrupt finance and "everything" else.

Comment Re:Yes, let's ignore 3Million+ alien abduction cas (Score 1) 275

If it was 2 or 3 different authorities ok, but when it's thousands of pilots and hundreds of air traffic controllers who know the difference between an airplane and somehting that can do a 90 degree turn while going 20,000 miles per hour... and when it's hundreds of insiders in high ranks telling you not just what they saw, but what they know from decades on the job... at some point you have to pull the ear plugs off your ears and have a listen.

Comment Yes, let's ignore 3Million+ alien abduction cases (Score 1, Informative) 275

One day, scientists and their followers will feel like complete idiots, when it becomes obvious aliens have been here all along.

Citation#1: US presidents have known about UFOs here on Earth, even seen them:

Citation#2: If 200+ NASA, Ex-Military, Ex-US government high ranking employees coming forth and willing to testify before congress isn't enough for you, then your mind is too closed:

Citation#3: How many pilot witnesses with radar evidence to back it up does it take before you belive that UFOs are real and here on Earth?

Citation#4: Is 3 Million alien abductions in the USA alone enough evidence for you, or are you waiting around for a nice round number like 10 million?

Comment Circuit Boards (Score 1) 47

I want to print Circuit Boards at home and ideally even be able to assemble components on them. PLEASE work towards that goal, even if it takes 2-5 years.
Printing & assembling prototypes with traditional vendors costs anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 PER 2 (identical) boards. It'd be nice to do it all for less than $500 per board at home, even if it takes 2-4 days to print it out & assemble it... which is still faster than 15-45 days via traditional printer & assemblers.
Thank you. That is all.

Comment Re:You have never experienced Shakespeare (Score 1) 381

I think you mean Sanskrit. Have you heard Hindi these days? Having never studied it I already understand 20% of it, because 20% of it already is English. Don't believe me? Turn on the Hindi channel on your TV. Hindi is one of the most bastardized languages that I know of.

Comment Bitcoin Exec ?!? (Score 4, Insightful) 69

Bitcoin Exec? Really? Is that like the Bitcoin CEO the media was reporting on earlier this year? C'mon slashdot... How about some accuracy in your headlines for a change?

There is no Bitcoin Exec because bitcoin is not a corporation. There are thousands of bitcoin related companies, but they each have their name. So maybe a title of "Bitinstant Exec..." would have been more accuracy.

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