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Comment Re:Democracy restored (Score 1) 1592

In the UK we dont elect the Prime Minister. We elect local MPs who represent a party of some kind. The group of MPs with the largest party or coalition of parties become the government with one of their number being Prime Minister. If the nominal head of a political party that won the general election didnt win his seat, then a new leader would need to be found. This I suppose is why the parties put their leaders in what are considered safe seats. And the new Prime Minister most certainly was elected - he will have to be chosen from the current crop of elected MPs.

Nokia Sells Qt 193

Google85 writes "Now that Nokia has shifted to a Windows Phone-centric smartphone strategy, it's only natural for the company to divest itself of responsibility with regard to the Qt framework. It has been announced Digia will acquire the Qt commercial licensing and services business from Nokia, including the transfer of some 3,500 desktop and embedded customers actively using Qt today."

When Telemarketers Harass Telecoms Companies 234

farnz writes "Andrews & Arnold, a small telecoms company in the UK, have recently been hit with an outbreak of illegal junk calls. Unlike larger firms, they've come up with an innovative response — assign 4 million numbers to play recordings to the telemarketers, put them on the UK's Do-Not-Call list and see what happens. Thus far, the record is over 3 minutes before a telemarketer works out what's going on." The sound quality (and the satisfying humor) of the recording gets better as it goes on.

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