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Comment Re:The point of Uber/Lyft (Score 1) 131

You miss the point of Uber (and Lyft and other ride sharing servies). The point being that they know where you are and sell that for money. TFA has a picture (before their "hey turn off your add blocker" screen comes up) showing the value of location based adds in 2014, and projected in 2019. Guess which one is higher? Remember when Uber went through their data and figured out who went home with someone else after they hit the bar and published a thing on the web about it? Wouldn't it be great if they could mine that sort of info about you without you even having to be actually using their app? Yeah, Uber thinks so too.

Uber doesn't care to rip you off over your ride 'cause that's not even where the real money is.

Comment Re:No MagSafe would be a step backwards (Score 2) 316

Holy shit, magsafe is the best freaking thing in the entirety of the Apple universe. It is an oversight that it isn't on everything. iphones. ipads. Other vendors laptops. Electric toothbrushes. Vacuum sweepers. Magsafe is the pinnacle of all of Apple's output. It is genius so banal that mediocrity must slay it.

Comment Re:Who's more incompentent? (Score 2) 158

"If you are committing major felonies leave the phone at home."

There is the concept of the calculating, premeditated criminal with a master plan. I guess this type of crime is out there, and this type of criminal has that option. But so many crimes are stupid and thoughtless. Crimes of passion where reason isn't involved, or a situation where crime is a response to accidental or random circumstances. Then there are crazy people. Lots of crime isn't part of an organized plan. IJS.

Comment Re:Go Figure... (Score 1) 858

I dunno, if you're going to stipulate that only people who the show is aimed at can review the show, then should we also stipulate that only those people can read those reviews? Because if you don't know about "Sex and the City" (which is why you're reading reviews anyway) and you see reviews from only the target audience then you (as a CNC machinist) would be misled.

No attack here, just trying to sort out a logical position.

Comment Re:Go Figure... (Score 2) 858

Your point makes sense. Don't go around just thinking of things that piss you off and then spend your time trashing them, it makes you a negative person.

But on the other hand doesn't that kind of boil down to "don't poorly review shows you don't like"? Doesn't that kind of break the concept of reviews?

I can see both of these points, not sure if they can be reconciled. The concept of voting isn't so good for protecting minority opinions, and the author mentions that IMDB voting population is 70% male.

Comment Re:Didn't see the benefit (Score 1) 381

--> Expect this to be brought up a lot by opponents: "They don't want self-driving cars, they want removal of self-owned cars and -- little-by-little -- eventually the wholesale banning of them (via legal/financial/liability regulations)" --

If they make auto driving cars and they really are safer, then eventually they'll outlaw the ability to drive yourself. And I guess there are freedom of movement issues and maybe detrimental effects on people's ability to form a mental map of the world. But the real issue is that I like driving and want to continue to do it. And "Hey go pay for a track day" isn't really a substitute.

I hope they never figure the self driving thing out.

Comment Re:To what end? (Score 1) 82

"Remember when Radio Shack would ask for your phone number/email/whatever when you bought batteries?"

"We had a simple solution, don't shop at Radio Shack."

Except that it eventually becomes more and more difficult to avoid technologies like this. You can still get away with "Don't get a smartphone" mostly (for phone app based invasions). "Don't get a car" (for auto-updates and on-star type stuff) isn't really practical for most people living in the US. How long will you cling to an old car that doesn't have these "features"? Howsabout airport naked scanners? I travel for work, "Don't Fly" isn't an option for me.

Voting with your pocketbook is like trying to hold back the tide.

Comment Re:Tell it to Michael Dell (Score 1) 245

"Maybe its something about money like that that lets you say assinine shit and have people take you seriously."

When you are powerful you say the thing that you want to be true as if it already were, and maybe your word carries enough weight to make it so. The more powerful you are, the further detached the things you say become from the way things currently are.

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