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Comment Re:Seen this all before (Score 1) 172

I read somewhere that this firm tried to sue 10,000 people at one time during the US round's of The Hurt Locker lawsuits, and all but 2 were excluded pre-trial and the remaining 2 never made it to court. I think the story was from torrentfreak so who knows how accurate it is. If you contact these firms in any way they start harassing you until you pay, if you ignore them odds are you will never hear anything further from them.

Comment Re:Judgment Proof (Score 1) 172

I still choose to not play the game, If they decide to go forward with a lawsuit they will waste billable hours looking for assets, sources of income, etc. I have ignored a number of these pay up or we will sue you threats and they never escalate to a summons. don't feed these trolls. All this law firm is trying to do is get subscriber information so they can send a "pay up or well sue you" letter, they have little or no intention of taking anyone to court.

Comment NOT an anti-Linux conspiracy (Score 1) 162

I had a very similar problem with an MSI motherboard, ANY boot entry that was not "Windows Boot Manager" would be removed from the firmware boot manager. I could boot Linux if I named the boot entry "Windows Boot Manager" after countless emails to tech support and patching the firmware myself MSI finally accepted it was a defect and fixed it. I believe the root cause of the problem was a bug in a function in the firmware boot manager that would remove stale UEFI boot entries (removable's, USB, DVD, etc) the bug would remove ALL the entries, SO they fixed it by using a string compare against "Windows Boot Manager" and the boot entry description, problem solved.

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