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Comment My Solution (Score 5, Interesting) 699

When I was at the University of SC in 2004, they required you to install the Cisco Clean Access software which checked to make sure you were running the school provided AV and had all your windows updates among other things. I hated the school AV (mcafee) because it constantly had false positives on items on my computer and would delete without prompting. It gave no option to quarantine, ignore, etc...just delete. I noticed that if you didn't have the Cisco Clean Access software installed and tried to browse, you were given a web portal login for your school network credentials, very similar to the actual Cisco Win32 software. After logging in you were prompted to download the Cisco software via the web portal along with McAfee and whatever else. I noticed in the school policy that Mac's and Linux clients were exempt. I booted OpenSuse, was greeted by the same web portal, but when I logged in, it told me I had a 7 day lease rather than telling me to download the Cisco crap. I went back to XP, downloaded User Agent Switcher for Firefox and faked my user agent to linux when logging into the web portal. It told me I had a 7 day lease and I was able to switch back my default FF user agent until I was prompted to login 7 days later. User Agent Switcher lets you save presets in a menu so switching is easy. I don't know if your school is setup the same way but you might want to try it. I was really surprised that with all the money and manpower that my school put into implementing all these policies that it was defeated by a first year student with a simple Firefox extension. Good luck, I really do feel your pain.

Comment Mid-range Apple Notebooks (Score 1) 858

I did not RTFA but from the summary it sounds like the conclusion is that the Macbook Pro is worth the money or at least comparable to other high end notebooks. That's nice, but it doesn't really offer an explanation as to why Apple hasn't entered the $500-1000 market. I cannot imagine the staggering marketshare they would gain with a laptop that a majority of parents could afford their college bound kid. Anyone got any insights into Apple's complete disinterest in the mid-range notebook market?

Comment Is this really news? (Score -1, Offtopic) 368

I know it's mother's day and all, but there's got to be something somewhat interesting going on in the "nerd" world, right? Just sayin', a week old report on the PHP6 *planned* features isn't exactly frontpage news. It's so boring in fact, I felt the need to reply and bash the post just to alleviate my boredom. Neurotic, eh?

Submission + - Pirate Bay to create YouTube competitor

Jared writes: "The site will be modeled after YouTube in that content will be user generated. What will set it apart however, is that there will be "no censorship," that The Pirate Bay "will not be the moral police" and determine what content stays or goes as is oftentimes the case with YouTube. He then hinted that that the community will instead be the censors, that "the community will have to do that.""

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