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Submission + - TELUS Exec. Info Leaked in Response to SMS Charges (

Adam Schumacher-Darling writes: According to an article submitted to NowPublic, personal contact information has been/will be leaked for several high-ranking executives at Telus, in response to the recent unilateral TOS changes that will cause users to be charged for incoming text messages. From the article:

Canadian mobile subscribers were surprised Friday morning when private information on TELUS Executives began to leak out via the popular mobile phone website "Howard Forums". ... "The information was leaked to combat the new (as of August 24th, 2008) $0.15 charges for inbound text messages to Bell and TELUS Mobility clients. I wouldn't have leaked the information if I thought there was any other way. What TELUS is doing to Canadians is absolutely inexcusable" said the source. "I'm sorry it had to take this route but TELUS executives are clearly more interested in rolling around in piles of our hard-earned Canadian money than listening to the largest customer objection in company history."

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