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Comment Don't know about you... (Score 1) 272

I found that Battlestar writers to be utterly ignorant to military issues from big to small. They may have had some consultants early on, but they either didn't ask them questions or ignored to what they were told past the first 4 openers. And those first shows you had to get past this network issue that seemed a massive exchange of Easy for Security. For me it often blew my suspension of disbelief. Nobody top to bottom acted as though they were in a war that held a zero survivability outcome. I couldn't believe what I was seeing for planing of military ops. Of course the other option in a story about a technology advanced race battling is a show that lasts 10 minutes with a Struss-ian outcome via some sort of gravity bomb deployed to the starts of the inhabited worlds. Anyway.

Comment Re:Umm... Don't use it? (Score 1) 59

Like you I have privacy concerns with Facebook. But after X years I have to wonder what damage FB has done to in any regards to my information? I get less junk mail then ever before, I don't see targeted web ads (does anyone?) and I am not a huge consumer other then my esoteric areas of interest. Where is the harm of Facebook? So for you not worth it and for me it is. Both are acceptable positions but a class action lawsuit seems not applicable? How could the criteria for harm be shown?

Comment States issue. (Score 1) 1232

This kind of thing is only possible in places that have firearm permits. Those federal yellow forms that we fill out to buy a gun legally can't have the gun buyers information transcribed. We have no state permit system here, the yellow form must stay on file in physical form in storage at the gun shop (ideally in a poorly wired connex)

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