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Comment Re:and next comes.... (Score 1) 650

To my knowledge, they are only tapping phones of those with ties to the Middle East. I have not heard of any situation where an American Citizen has been dragged fro mhim home and held as you describe. I am generally not into wire tapping, but otherwise, how do you catch these guys before they are able to initiate another attack?

As far as the waiting period, it is on ALL firearms. Not just assault rifles. The term assault rifles was coined to generate a negative viewpoint on some firearms. They also put restrictions on magazine capacity. You should be aware the liberals use incrementalism to get what they want. They may have changed it, but HCI's ultimate goal is to totally disarm the American Public. Their page used to even include that their latest attack would use product liability laws to do it. They have changed their page since they had that on it and I am not sure what it says now. I am pretty convinced that their end goal is still gun confiscation. They are just using the frog in boiling water approach. You drop the frog in boiling water, he will immediately jump out. If you put him in lukewarm water then slowly turn up the heat, he will stay there and cook.

Submission + - Global Warming, Subsidies Fuel a Nuclear Renaissan

Actual Reality writes: It is ironic to me that much of the same sentiment that thwarted the Nulcear Power industry back in the 80's is paritally responsible for reviving it. Nuclear Power is very clean compared to any power source that burns fuel. According to the article: , the US has missed several advancements in Nuclear Technology. We can only hope the environmentalists will not, again, try to stifle our progress.

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