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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 596

Not sure how their DBW system is setup, but even in my old 2004 Subaru, the DBW system uses two sensors and duplicate wiring.

There are two potentiometers in the throttle pedal and in the throttle body. A change in pedal voltage, reflects as a change in throttle body stepper motor voltage = open throttle body (to some percentage equal to the pedal movement).

If the two potentiometers are off by more than 0.05v, then the ECU shuts off the input from the pedal and the car goes into limp-mode where it won't open the throttle plate more than a few deg and won't let the car accelerate any faster than idle.

Comment Re:And the election was handed to Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 605

There were things so sensitive in her email that the DoJ Inspector General investigating initially lacked a high enough clearance to read some of the content.

You don't really seem to understand how clearances work... there's no high or low clearance... Access is based on need to know only. There are different programs that you can be briefed into depending on that need to know, but there aren't really levels of clearance beyond the standard secret/top secret just many compartments within secret or top secret.

Comment It's simple... (Score 1) 83

They just need a 2-column setup.... current posts on one side, or one pane, and "important"/interesting posts in the other.

Plenty of space for it in the main twitter web page, mobile people may have to swipe left or right between screens... Tweetdeck could do it simply...

Comment Re:Before SSDs can replace HDs (Score 1) 272

Fusion-io did that 5 years ago with their pci-e flash cards. The drives were very vocal about any trauma they might have suffered and would drop into a reduced write mode if you didn't heed the warnings in order to get your attention... if you still ignored them, they would go read only and you'd be forced to copy your data off.

Comment SanDisk sells a 512TB 3U shelf... (Score 2) 219

SanDisk's Infiniflash is 512TB in a 3U chassis that is SAS-connected. You can front this with something like DataCore's SANsymphony to turn it into a NAS/SAN appliance.

The pricing looks to be around $1/GB, which is a ton cheaper than building a SAN of that capacity, plus it's much smaller in power/space/cooling.

Submission + - Facebook Finally Ends XMPP Support For 3rd Party Chat.

AcquaCow writes: Facebook has been pushing their Messenger app to all devices, requiring it for chatting with friends and family. It was announced last year that they would be ending their chat API and that the service would end on April 30, 2015. April passed, so did May, but the serviced remained functional. Finally, as of July 7th, 2015 it has not been possible to connect to This doesn't seem to be an outage at this point...Looks like we have to wait for 3rd party messenger apps to adopt support for Facebook's Platform API v2 to allow new connectivity.

Comment Charge trap vs floating gate NAND... (Score 4, Interesting) 184

Newer 3D NAND is using a charge trap design which basically solves the electron leakage issue found with the older floating gate NAND...

Also, the move to the newer 3D NAND brings us back up to 40nm processes vs the 10nm gates we are currently working with, allowing for much better reliability.

Disclaimer: I've been selling enterprise flash storage for the last 6 years.

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