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Comment Re:I want this to be true, but... (Score 1) 480

from what i recall , it does not defy the laws of physics , it uses a traveling em wave to crate "grip" to the static universal em background field
, this method provides thrust from input power by creating a traveling wave that is out of phase to the external one causing motion , like swimming through the background field using the background field to displace it like a phase drive motor , just that its too easy to miss in the maths

Comment Re: I disagree (Score 1) 287

Who says they don't want the extra KDE look an feel settings , because there old and can't cope with style or is that the impression you give them because they may not understand how to protect against unwanted infections that you think they have no appreciation of style ?

Comment what (Score 1) 503

a few years back it was the case that you had to fiddle about setting the drivers up to get things to work in linux.

but have to say its now xp that you find your still hunting for disks, to install the driver yet again because, the device is plugged into a different usb port than the last time.
yea there are still a few devices that don't work in linux but not many.
system admin mostly automatic now needing almost no attention
the main reason i find linux better is from the admin and setup point of view

with linux
  normally a 2 hour install including updates and most of the apps and the system is back pritty much as before usualy without disrupting any
of my previous data

with windows
maybe a couple of hours backing up old data first
having to check for viruses on that data
yea it installs in 30 mins , then the week or so hunting for driver disks and applications disks (keycodes on boxes etc )
the last time did it it was 30 or so restarts and a couple of days later that it had managed to get all the updates

i dont know about the rest of you but actually using the apps is more important than having to do sys admin and linux is way better
but i guess the guys at microsoft enjoy it so much that's the way they take you so why the slogan "where do you want to go today " when you know the answer is to the it desk as sys admin is great fun "

Comment Re:is this design amongst them ? (Score 1) 167

they would need educating on the simple facts like not standing between solar reflectors and the focal point of the reflector
as they would get burned , moving parts should not be touched , and how to use the system
it cant be assumed

because of the intended location of the units also would require the users of it to maintain the system also so would need to be
made aware of the servicing information principles of operation and safety issues of that also


Comment Re:is this design amongst them ? (Score 1) 167

h2 under pressure solution

using helium party balloons placed inside a stronger by slightly smaller bag so it prevents the balloon form bursting under the higher pressure
with a weight applied on top to provide the required pressure

h2 generation under pressure

2 long pipes one 3" drain pipe , one smaller plastic pipe placed inside it h2 electrode inside lower end of smaller diameter tube , and o2 electrode on the outer
the tubes vertical so that the displacement of h2 down the smaller tube will not expose the electrodes at the maximum operating pressure
water supply to keep it topped up

3 stirling engine , may be possible using parts from an old motorbike engine also ,I lack a suitable workshop / machine shop to be able to have a go at that +0 funds

Comment is this design amongst them ? (Score 1) 167

using the solar furnace and converting the heat to electric , use the electric to convert water into h2 and o2 , storing the h2 and you have a store of h2 that can be used to cook with on demand at any time of day or night while not having the need for batteries that use large amounts of expensive and toxic chemicals

choice and availability of suitable materials for the power and gas storage are the main issues

crisp packet sealer to make storage bags / balloons ? , using standard pipe fittings for as much as possible of the parts needed to make a stirling engine ? a car alternator for the power generator ?

ok so some custom machined parts are going to be needed

although I am unsure of the size needed to produce enough h2 to meet the requirements
and I have not looked at the designs there considering in the main article

Comment why not Alpha cpu ? (Score 1) 198

they use the MIPS based, as its derived from a GPL version of the MIPS technology

so they can produce it without patent problems

but DEC made the Alpha CPU GPL before DEC got eaten by compaq so that should be free to use also

infact some of the alpha tec like programable microcode was incoparated into the p4 released after that

the Alpha cpu would be a better architecture to base a system around

other than i have not seen a free download softcore for the Alpha cpu yet (although not looked for some time )

Comment processor organization is the problem (Score 1) 143

computer CPU and software processes in a flat 1 dimensional stream nerual structures are emulated taking time to read each ones state one after another and simulate the actions of the interconnects to get the result

"Hardware/softcore" FPGA based neural net would form a flat even 2 dimensional "grid" array

but a DNA based brain is both a 3D structure and also has sub "fractal" patterned interconnected structures within it

to form even a bee style neural structure in a FPGA would still need the logic cells to be arranged in the correct "fractal" patterned structure of interconnects

ether way current processing technology does not lend itself to creation of viable neural net structures that would allow for a fair comparison

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