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Comment Re:Why not store the data on phone permanent memor (Score 1) 304

Just wanted to let you know that the patent you mention in your signature has been cancelled. (warning, your toddlers might violate a patent)

See link below, scroll to the end:

Comment Easy (Score 1) 266

This sounds pretty easy,
a) obtain database, indexing tools, search tool
b) install on the machine and encrypt the entire hard drive with any of the many available whole-disk encryption tools
c) ssh in and run queries.

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Releasing 8-Core Niagara 2 Processor

An anonymous reader writes: Sun Microsystems is set to announce its eight-core Niagara 2 processor next week. Each core supports eight threads, so the chip handles 64 simultaneous threads, making it the centerpiece of Sun's "Throughput Computing" effort. Along with having more cores than the quads from Intel and AMD, the Niagara 2 have dual, on-chip 10G Ethernet ports with crytopgraphic capability. Sun doesn't get much processor press, because the chips are used only in its own CoolThreads servers, but Niagara 2 will probably be the fastest processor out there when its released, other than perhaps the also little-known 4-GHz IBM Power 6.

Submission + - Tattoos, what do you think about the ink?

WannaBeGeekGirl writes: /.'ers you represent a unique and interesting demographic and that makes your opinion useful.

I've done my share of research up to this point about tattoos. Even though tattoos aren't forever anymore due to skin laser treatment technology, the ink is on your skin so I consider it a personal subject on some level. Therefore, I started out by talking to people that had tattoos and listening to their stories. There are plenty of resources in the old school media that I've been watching for the last three years. Magazines, tv series and books are loaded with information about the subject from many points of view. Sorting through the online resources is even more intimidating. Whether you google, skip around on webrings or approach it from a customer's perspective like most topics, the amount of data is overwhelming. I believe the moderation system here and the demographic I mentioned earlier will help me mine some useful data more efficiently. We might even start some interesting discussion and see some nifty art.

To be clear, I'm not asking for your opinions about a specific tattoo for me personally, but on the subject in general. I'm looking for your input based on personal experiences, resources you can share and other helpful creative discussion.

Submission + - EMI to offer DRM-free music in iTunes

beat.bolli writes: "According to the press release, EMI music and Apple have agreed to sell music sans DRM. Not without a catch: The DRM-less music will be $1.29 but have "twice the sound quality of existing downloads", which are still available for $0.99."

Submission + - EMI DRM Free - confirmed

rockclimber writes: EMI has, as the first mayor Label to do so, confirmed , to sell its music DRM free. First store to offer tracks will be itunes Music Store, for 1.29$ for 256k AAC-Tracks. Upgrades from 128 DRM to 256 unencumbered are 30 cents. Is the DRM Nightmare finally over?

Submission + - Apple, EMI offer higher-quality DRM free downloads

Pirogoeth writes: "Apple and EMI announced at an event on Monday that EMI's entire music and video catalog will be available in May without any digital rights management protection. The two companies will also offer higher quality sound files of songs, but the songs will come at a higher price. Unprotected albums will cost $1.29 per song, and previous downloads can be upgraded to the new format for $0.30/song. Prices for full albums will remain the same."

Submission + - Apple & EMI offer DRM free music

stupid_is writes: Following on from the previous story, it's being reported by the BBC that Apple and EMI are partnering with the result being that users can purchase DRM-free versions of the EMI catalogue on iTunes. The downside is that this "premium" content will cost an additional 30c per track, making it $1.29 per track. There will be the added bonus that the downloaded tracks will be twice the sound quality as before.

EMI's press release can be read here

Submission + - Slashdot FireHose Beta Sneak Preview

Davak writes: "The old fogey slashdot has announced a new (dare I say, Web 2.0) youthful, digg-like voting system-Firehose. This new code is described as a "collaborative system designed to allow users to assist editors in the story selection process." This review of the Firehose describes the new features and implications of this new system. For example, much of Firehose's AJAX eye candy is built around yahoo's ajax toolkit."

Submission + - E17 -- Desktop Enlightenment

michuk writes: "The performance of desktop computers increases year by year. This gives the programmers great opportunities to further improve the desktop experience of the users. However, what should you do when you have an old computer that is not capable of running the latest and hottest software? How can you benefit from the great software that is when you can't run a desktop that takes advantage of its best features? No need for upgrading your PC, when you can have a usable alternative with the current one. Let me introduce you Enlightenment E17 — the window manager with minimal hardware requirements that may amaze you."

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