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Submission + - Yay!... Bookpool to reopen soon (

AceyMan writes: Be kind to the splash page, but it looks like the best IT bookseller ever is staging a comeback, folks, so hold those Amazon or orders until we can show Bookpool how much they were missed.

Let's hope they still provide those stout bookmarks like the good old days.

Comment Re:problems? (Score 1) 133

I ran an airline for a time, and I see where you left off a few critical sub-systems.

- Dispatch Planning (what cooks up the flight plans in question for submission, specifying the fuel burn, max takeoff weight, planned landing weight, operating mach speed, altitude, etc.)

- Operations Control (where every plane and crew is, in real time.). Think of a Gantt chart that would make your jaw drop, it's kind of like that.

These are the things that make an airline run. The FAA only has one responsibility -- keep airplanes apart. The rest (largely) is up to the carrier.

Comment Re:Three options (Score 1) 1032

Hmmm, that sounds wrong.

My understanding is that the signature line only maens "you" agree to the cardmember agreement and all that goes with it (agreeing to repay the debt being the salient part the creditor cares about).

That being the case you can sign the card two seconds before you use it and it's all good to the creditor. The cashier at the retailer might give pause, but that doesn't mean doodle-squat.

If you want to validate identity, well, that's what a state issued ID or driver's license is for, just check that against the embossed name on said credit card.

Comment ... time to re-fund Fermilab (Score 1) 223

I'm all for the advancement of science by anyone, anywhere, anytime. That being said, now is a great time to ratchet up the use of the Fermilab accelerator and catch those hot-shot know-it-all Continentals ^H^H^H^, er, our fellow scientists while they are flat-footed.

(I'm taking my data from a recently aired Nova covering Fermilab and would welcome any updates on what's going on there at this very moment. The piece closed with a mention of funding cuts which I presume have not been reversed.)


Submission + - The Lure of the Straight Razor

DingleBerryMcGee writes: "It seems that the most common getup amongst the tech savvy is a black polo shirt accompanied with a pair of wrinkled khakis overloaded with PDAs, and phones at the waist. Another common theme is a semi-smooth shave accentuating a pallor only five consecutive days in an unlit room playing World of Warcraft can provide. The Montreal Gazette goes into some detail highlighting the growing trend of Straight Razor shaving. The author discusses the necessary equipment, as well as his own experience learning an art so contrarian to technological progress.

Some of the major benefits to a straight razor over modern 'pull and cut' cartridge razors or electric shavers are: decreased ingrown hairs, razor burn and acne, smoother shaves, and the "what are you crazy?" expression on people's faces when they find out you shave with a straight."

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