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Submission + - House votes to overturn FCC on Net neutrality (

suraj.sun writes: House Republicans voted unanimously today to block controversial Net neutrality regulations from taking effect, a move that is likely to invite a confrontation with President Obama.

By a vote of 241 to 178, the House of Representatives adopted a one-page resolution that says, simply, the regulations adopted by the Federal Communications Commission on December 21 "shall have no force or effect."

"Congress did not authorize the FCC to regulate in this area," Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.), said during this morning's floor debate. "We must reject any rules that it promulgates in this area... It is Congress' responsibility to delegate that authority."


Submission + - Meteorite Reveals New Mineral (

RedEaredSlider writes: Scientists have found a new type of mineral inside a meteorite, that itself was originally recovered in 1969.

The new mineral, dubbed "Wassonite," was discovered inside the Yamato 691 enstatite chondrite meteorite by American researchers from NASA as well as scientists from Japan and South Korea. That meteorite was recovered from Antarctica 42 years ago.

Submission + - Digital Easter Egg Hunt (

An anonymous reader writes: I'm asking the slashdot community, how would they go about setting up a digital easter egg hunt. I've got ideas ranging from a very complex web based solution, to just modding Diablo 2, but some ideas are too complex, and then diablo only allows 8 players in at a time. I mean I suppose you could run multiple instances and make the eggs a boss drop, but ehh, its not ideal. I'm looking for something thats fairly easy to set up, hard to abuse/hack, and fun for people to play. Any ideas would be great. Thanks. :)

Comment AIA website looks trollish too... (Score 1) 116

the AIA website looks rather trollish too, as there's not much content for an organization which claims to "support research aimed at making significant gains in both scientific knowledge and improved healthcare for those living with Alzheimer's Disease, brain trauma or any memory disorder." Lots of the tabs on the main page lead to a temp.php which claims they're "working to update our website and anticipate having the information you've requested avalaible online soon". The copyright on the website is 2009... that's a long time to work on a update #dukenukem

Submission + - Amazon Crowned The Most Reputable Company ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon has been named the most reputable company in the US this year (up from 21st place last year), according to the sixth annual list of the 150 Most Reputable Companies from advisory firm Reputation Institute (RI), in partnership with Forbes Media. The list is based on RI's US RepTrak Pulse Study, which measures trust, esteem, admiration, and good feelings consumers have towards the largest 150 companies based on revenue in the US. The ratings are analyzed from nearly 33,000 online consumer responses taken in January and February.

Submission + - Patent Troll going after Alzheimer's researchers ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The website of the Alzheimer's Institute of America (AIA) doesn't reveal much about the organization, but portrays it as committed to supporting research and patients. Among people who study Alzheimer's disease, however, the AIA, based in St Louis, Missouri, is best known for filing lawsuits against companies and researchers — a practice that scientists say could hamper the progress of research into combating the dreaded disease.
Open Source

Submission + - Bashing MS 'like kicking a puppy' Linux chief says (

jbrodkin writes: "Two decades after Linus Torvalds developed his famous operating system kernel, the battle between Linux and Microsoft is over and Linux has won, says Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin. With the one glaring exception of the desktop computer, Linux has outpaced Microsoft in nearly every market, including server-side computing and mobile, Zemlin claims. "I think we just don't care that much [about Microsoft] anymore," Zemlin said. "They used to be our big rival, but now it's kind of like kicking a puppy." From Android and the Amazon Kindle to embedded devices, consumer electronics and the world's largest websites and supercomputers, "Linux has come to dominate almost every category of computing, with the exception of the desktop," Zemlin argues as Linux approaches its 20th anniversary."

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