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Submission + - Ceiling Mounted Rail system for Rotating Flatscreen

AcesDnied writes: I live in a a small efficiency apartment, and I've been reviewing information on max viewing distance for HDTV / UHDTV sets. My budget is looking at 43" — 50", and that puts max viewing distance around 3' short for my original plan. The idea was to use a swivel stand so I could watch TV from the bed, or the living area while it sits on a dresser.

New idea: A ceiling rail system so I can move and rotate the screen as needed, depending on where I'm going to be watching. Wires are not an issue, as I plan on using chromecast or possibly using velcro to attatch a laptop that I can use to stream content over my network or the web.

I have seen a system called Trak-Kit, but for those prices I might as well get the 85" TV and call it a day.

Comment Weeding Out (Score 0) 270

At TSTC in Waco, TX, they have a COBOL course. I can't remember if it was two or just the single 4 hour class, but they used it as a means of weeding out people not really prepared for business programming. I got the flu the semester I had the class, and failed horribly. I was a member of AITP, and at one of the monthly meetings we had, the table we were sitting at was attended by a true professional in the telecommunications industry. I point blank asked the guy why they didn't update to a more modern language, and he told me that they had tried numerous times to do just that. Every time, he said, they ran into walls. Some code just wouldn't port over and it threw everything off. For some reason they just couldn't get the same results from modern compilers as they did COBOl. I was really shocked at his response, and this was back in 2001. Today I'm not at all surprised to see an escalating need for COBOL programmers.

Submission + - Durable, Wearable Video Recording Devices (

AcesDnied writes: I'm curious as to what kind of video equipment people are using in semi hazardous (at least to electronic equipment) environments.

I'm a computer tech by day, but I'm also an apprentice at a metal shop, learning how to do metal shaping and metal finishing. I'd like to record some of the stuff I'm learning to do, so I can post it on our website or YouTube. The only problem is most of the time hot metal sparks and fine stone / metal dust are flying or floating through the air.

I've had a few people suggest a GoPro camera over Google Glass because of price. I'm wondering what other recording devices might be out there, and what kind of adaptations could be made to accommodate the equipment to provide the most longevity out of what you guys might have to suggest.

Comment Mass? (Score 0) 251

I don't really have the background for this, just speculation, but how much mass are we talking about removing from the moon?

How much would it take to affect the tides? Could the difference cause the moon to be pulled to the earth because of Earth's increased mass (whatever is brought back)?

Just curious...

Comment Really? - Slight spoiler (Score 0) 732

I can't believe I wasted my money on this movie. I download 99% of the movies I want to watch, and I just had to support Card for this movie, and I was completely let down.

Having Bernard in Ender's army, and one his squadron leaders had me questioning whether or not the guy who wrote the screenplay had ever read the book!

In short, don't waste your money!

Submission + - Canned O2

AcesDnied writes: So canned air... Is anybody actually buying into this? My boss recently came in telling me he saw canned air (not for spraying dust out of keyboards) at Wal-mart. I was a little skeptical... I thought he was pulling my leg. I had to show him the clip from Spaceballs. Next he showed me a few clips on youtube where people actually using this product.

Are people really this stupid that they're buying a product that is abundantly free just by opening your air ways?

I would imagine your lung capacity and physical fitness would have more to do with how well your body consumes oxygen than having it shot directly out of a can. And it just seems like a way to encourage others to start huffing when they've never thought about it before.

Comment C64 (Score 0) 623

I first started learning about programming on my Commodore 64, real minor stuff around 10.

Then I got a dial up modem, and found a wonderful program called mIRC, and I started learning to script.

After learning to write scripts in mIRC for 2 years, and transferring to a new school, I tried getting into the AP classes in high school. The only problem is that they only offered the classes to juniors and seniors... Once I was finally able to take these classes (Turbo Pascal and VB) I was finally knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Luckily once I got to college these classes helped me jump to second year courses and fly by all the BS intro to computer classes.

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