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Comment I've been learning new things for 30 years (Score 4, Interesting) 306

I started to learn programming at the age of 11, and two years later had a 'summer job' writing software for a contracting firm in central London. That was in 1984. I'm now 43 years old, and am still learning new things. I stopped contracting a couple of years ago for a simpler life, and my software development is more about scratching my itch rather than a clients, and it is certainly more interesting that way. If you're not motivate to learn something new just for the sake of it (I'm a big fan of Duolingo and Khan Academy) then you're going to have to find that itch for yourself.

Comment I always wear a helmet (Score 1) 1651

I cycle at least 60 miles per week from and to my children's schools (I drive them to school in the morning, but cycle home). I always wear a helmet, and when my children cycle with me, I require that they wear helmets too.

I have been cycling for 22 years. In that time, I have only had one serious fall from my bike, about 14 years ago. I wasn't wearing a helmet that day, and I landed on the back of my head, ended up in hospital and was concussed for days. I would not like to go through that again!

Comment Re:I have the kiss of death for awesome technology (Score 1) 144

I found my old Psion Workabout in our loft a couple of months ago, and it was still working. I gave it to my 10 year old son along with the instruction manual, and he went off and poked around with it for a couple of days, but soon lost interest. My 6 year old daughter is currently using it as an electronic journal, having worked out herself how to use it.

Comment Re:Just heard this reported on BBC Radio 4 (Score 1) 409

Probably is not good enough in this instance, I am sure. It would be a different matter had he be tried and found guilty. It is interesting reading this in light of all the SOPA activity at the moment. We should all be concerned about what Corporate America wants to do with our freedoms.

Comment Just heard this reported on BBC Radio 4 (Score 3, Interesting) 409

The item stated that in order for extradition to be considered, O'Dwyer had to have been accused of committing a crime that was illegal in both the UK and the USA. As far as I am aware, no crime was committed in the UK, which is why the criminal investigation was originally dropped.

Comment Re:At some point, this would make sense (Score 2) 194

Have you tried Papa Sangre? This game is best played in a dark room with your eyes closed. Whilst the core of the game is audio only, it does provide visual feedback by way of high-contrast indicators. Even with your eyes closed, you can tell that you have done the right thing.

Anyway, I am not suggesting that this is the way forward, but it is entirely possible. And what if you had a dedicated game controller app installed? This could provide a HUD-like information as well as control, and also provide audio and visual feedback. It makes sense to me...

Comment Re:Didn't we already see this? (Score 1) 194

So what is the input device for AppleTV with games, because I am sure that it isn't available yet. My iPad controls AppleTV using the Apple Remote app, and that works well. Why can't the same be done for other apps? Imagine this: I launch a game from Apple Remote, and my iPad is now the controller, the AppleTV is the display. As far as the app is concerned, it is receiving the same input as it would expect when running on and iPad. This is the beauty of a well defined API. And Apple certainly has one.

Comment Re:Not a gamer company (Score 2) 194

Apple didn't think games would fly on the iPhone. They were wrong.

They are not a gamer company, but they have built a really solid platform, with very low entry requirements for development. Yes, there is an annual subscription fee for the developer program, and this is a requirement for submitting applications, but this cost is relatively small. Everything else you need is free (not counting 3rd-party toolsets and libraries).

Whilst PC gamers can tweak their hardware, what about PS3 and XBox360 gamers? How much tweaking can they seriously do?

And how many games are available for iOS compared to the Wii? I have and iPad and a Wii. I enjoy both, they are different experiences, but I only have about 20 games for the Wii. I have played many more times this on the iPad.

Comment Re:If this is EVER true... (Score 1) 194

We're all consumers at some level, and whilst people consume, others will always create.

One of the things that has really surprised me about gaming on the iPad is the sheer variety of ideas. Whilst the platform hasn't pushed boundaries in terms of graphics, it has done so in other areas, and this has largely been driven by independent developers that are not afraid to try out new ideas. Have you played Papa Sangre yet?

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