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Comment Re:Sounds like the Navy. (Score 1) 269

And this is why we all think the Air Force are pussies.

The Army sleeps in the sand and the snow and the mud and the muck.

The Marines charge the beach and die to gain a few feet of sand. (and bully for them, I love my jarhead cousins)

The Navy goes out to see in coffin-sized bunks for months on end of 3-4 hours of sleep a night.

And the Air Force sits at home in their nice comfy bases.


Net Users In Belarus May Soon Have To Register 89

Cwix writes "A new law proposed in Belarus would require all net users and online publications to register with the state: 'Belarus' authoritarian leader is promising to toughen regulation of the Internet and its users in an apparent effort to exert control over the last fully free medium in the former Soviet state. He told journalists that a new Internet bill, proposed Tuesday, would require the registration and identification of all online publications and of each Web user, including visitors to Internet cafes. Web service providers would have to report this information to police, courts, and special services.'"

Comment Re:Obligatory FSM (Score 1) 1161

ZOMG! Heretic!

His Flying Spaghettiness is obviously male.

Don't you watch any bad anime? What did you think all those noodly appendages were for???

Female Spaghetti Monsters are an entirely different, and hotter thing, but they didn't make The Mountain nor The Midget. (though rumor in my local church is that they did have a noodle in the trees)


Comment Re:Looks like crappy game mechanics from here... (Score 1) 352

Bear in mind that in EVE almost everything that isn't a player is robotic.

Ships don't have crew, at least not the sort of ships player's fly. POS's (Player Owned Stations) are not staffed or crewed, they just operate.

People in EVE are largely confined to planets and NPC stations. The odd exception being cargo that you can haul that consists of people, like slaves or exotic dancers.

So this isn't someone convincing a bureaucracy to defect, as you assert. This is someone getting the control codes to Skynet and telling it wipe out humanity.


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