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Submission + - Motion Sensing Lights?

Above writes: At my previous house I purchased a number of motion sensor lights to replace the standard flood lights. I simply went to the nearest Home Depot and bought a mid range model, and they worked great.

Since then I moved. In the new house I did the same, and got some Heath-Zenith units from Home Depot. They were junk. Came on all the time for no reason. I adjusted two different units to no end, they simply didn't work. Since that was basically all Home Depot carried, I went to Lowes. I got a Regent Lighting unit. It was better, but not by much.

All of them seem ok on a clear day. Add mist, rain, fog, well, pretty much any bad weather and they bounce on and off continuously. On the lowest sensitivity setting. I've adjusted the sensors, moved from 270 degree (on corner) to 180 degree sensors to reduce reflections off the walls, all to no luck.

Where can I get a good motion sensor flood light? What are the secrets to aiming and adjusting them so they work right? I want my back yard to be relatively sensitive, triggered by the dogs when we let them out, but the front yard to be insensitive, triggered by a car or close person only.


Submission + - Geographic plotting software?

Above writes: I have a data set that turns into the number of users per ZIP code. I would like to plot this on a map, with circles of various sizes centered on the ZIP codes sized to the number of users in that location. I can generate the sizes, and I see a large number of databases that translate ZIP codes to Lat/Long. What I don't see is an easy tool that allows me to feed in the number (relative size) and ZIP and generate a plot.

I believe enough people do this sort of plot that there must be a good tool available. Is there an easy way, or do I have to reinvent the wheel?

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