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Comment Binoculars (Score 5, Interesting) 187

My college astronomy teacher told us, on our last day of class, you're always better off with an expensive pair of binoculars verses a cheap telescope. This was several years ago but he seemed to be of the opinion that if your budget was less than $200, you were better off with binoculars. He also pointed out that if your child loses interest in astronomy, binoculars have a wide variety of other uses.

Submission + - Lala shutting down (lala.com)

AbandonAllHope writes: Apparently, those who speculated Apple's purchase of iTunes rival Lala was primarily to snuff it out may have been right. The service announced today it will cease operations at the end of May. Any un-used credits on your account will be good for, you guessed it, an iTunes song credit. Thanks for nothing Apple.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Gamer sues gold farmers

navygeek writes: Tired of contending with gold farmers in Blizzard's online sensation, World of Warcraft, gamer Antonio Hernadez has filed a class-action lawsuit against gold farming outfit IGE.

The attorney representing Hernandez in the case, Richard Newsome, told The Escapist, "Guys like Tony [Hernandez, the plaintiff] have paid their $15 for some entertainment, and IGE is polluting that entertainment. It's kind of like, if someone pays for a ticket to go see a movie, and if someone else comes in behind them and kicks their seat, you can get them to stop doing that."
Details on the lawsuit may be found at Gamespot and The Escapist. The actual complaint can be found here, PDF warning.
Data Storage

Submission + - Top 20 Hard Disk Drive Myths Debunked

crazyeyes writes: "Hilarious and informative. How many articles are like that? I did think about putting it under It's Funny, Laugh.... until I saw two myths I thought was true. Yeah, I'm laughing at myself now.

This guide was written in response to the numerous fallacies about the hard disk that are still being propagated in many forum discussions. Although many articles have covered these topics, it is apparent that hard disk urban legends are still more popular than the simple truth. So, let's get down to basics and examine some of these common fallacies or myths and debunk them!
Take a look and see how many of these top 20 HDD myths you actually believed to be gospel?"

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