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Submission + - Apple Adds Memory Randomization (ALSR) to Leopard

.mack writes: "Apple has announced plans to add code-scrambling diversity to Mac OS X Leopard, a move aimed at making the operating system more resilient to virus and worm attacks. The security technology, known as ASLR (address space layout randomization), randomly arranges the positions of key data areas to prevent malware authors from predicting target addresses. Another new feature coming in Leopard is Sandboxing (systrace), which limits an application's access to the system by enforcing access policies for system calls."

Comment Re:I never understood this (Score 1) 52

I started playing guitar hero and got a real guitar a few months later. From my own experience, (I've been playing guitar for about 3 months) Guitar Hero makes you better at real guitar and vice versa. Not only does it help with your muscle memory and your finger strength, I found that after playing acoustic for a long while I would go back and be able to beat songs in the game I couldn't beat before. I also found that playing lots of the game and then going back it was way easier to play scales. They both build off each other and both are good fun. I don't play guitar for the skill, I do it to take up time and I like to hear the music *shrug*

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