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Comment Re:*The* Quickest, Not *Its* Quickest (Score 1) 172

It's not Tesla's fault if a stupid driver loses control. While I haven't driven a car with ludicrous speed, my P85 handles acceleration quite well. The traction and stability control of my model S works extremely well. Any stupid driver can cause an accident and lose control.

My experience with my model S is that it is very forgiving despite having so much power and it's very good at maintaining control. It's certainly a hell of a lot better than the Prius I drove previously.

Comment Re:Here's the problem with stereo Bluetooth: (Score 1) 381

In my Prius I had to have a ground-loop adapter added to make aux useable if my phone was charging. Before I had this adapter added the audio was quite noisy. (there was a service bulletin on this issue so it was covered under warranty). If the audio signals aren't well grounded they can also pick up all sorts of noise, including noise from a phone's antenna.

The Prius may also be feeding the AUX input into an A-D converter as well rather than keeping it analog.

Comment Re:Denormalize (Score 1) 671

Another of *these* assumptions - that the code will ever be maintained before it reaches end of life.

I'd written code that runs to this day and it's nearly a decade since anyone ever saw the sources.

Yet another is that it's going to be expanded, and so needs to be written in a modular fashion with abstractions for potential expansions.

Data is read from socket, frames are identified in the stream, then decoded, and depending on the content several reactions are undertaken. Four function calls and a switch(). No, I'm not going to implement an event listener system, just because someone imagines we *might* someday receive the data from something else than sockets, that the protocol is changed in unpredictable manner (I define that protocol!), and that someone might (gasp!) need to edit the switch() code, instead of registering handlers for new commands through the API. Twenty lines of code turn into five files by making this more "versatile".

Comment Re:But What About the Other 10% ???? (Score 1) 990

While I can't haul a full sheet of plywood I have hauled plenty of stuff like lumber in my Tesla (including my dishwasher). I have also taken it on dirt roads out in the middle of nowhere. Hell, the place I stayed at out in the middle of nowhere happened to have a charger (I didn't know that when I chose the place). I can charge any place that has an RV hookup if I need to.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

I can attest to the previous poster's statement from my own experience. It takes me under 5 seconds to plug in my car at night and 5 seconds to unplug in the morning. I spent far more time filling up my previous car periodically at a service station. The total amount of time spent charging doesn't matter since I'm sleeping.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

I have almost 44K miles on my Tesla P85 and it's over 3 years old. I have not noticed any drop in range. If and when I do eventually replace the battery, the new battery will be higher capacity and probably cheaper than the one that was in it. Numerous people have reported around 5% loss of capacity after 100K miles.

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