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Submission + - Disk Resurfacers

Aaron32 writes: I'm getting more into movies and games and have had a couple DVD's and games scratched up. After looking online, I see that there are many methods and machines that will repair and resurface disks.

What's the best quality method, tools, and machine to use for someone on a normal private budget? I've seen some for up to $7,000, but I'm looking for more of the less than $100 range.

Comment Some hack, some don't (Score 2) 248

These manufacturers need to realize that there are people that don't want to hack their devices (like me) and people that insist on doing so. The people that don't care to will NEVER do it, and those that insist on doing it ALWAYS WILL.

The more rigid you are on something the more you hurt things for those that don't want to circumvent the system. Those that enjoy it will just enjoy doing it even more.

Comment I actually saw it at the theaters! (Score 2, Insightful) 295

I remember this movie vividly as it's my single most biggest disappointing movie, EVER!

Seeing the previews I just KNEW it would be a fantastic show and on the same level as The Matrix. Boy was I ever wrong. My friends still to this day rub it in my face that I saw it at the theaters.

I was so let down, it's not even funny. I think what really clenched it was when the cavemen taught themselves how to "break in" a harrier jet the same way they would break in broncos.

However, the good side of it is I'll never forget this lesson, and IMDB is my friend when questioning whether I'm about to see another Battlefield Earth.

Comment This lessens any legitimacy of Windows 7 (Score 1) 830

When I was watching this, I was thinking of the already posted: Tupperware, Amway, and other similar cheesy tricks to get someone to buy some crap nobody really wants.

This infomercial really lessens any legitimacy of Windows 7. Without seeing it, I already think it's something not worth checking out merely because of this one video. In time Microsoft will come to learn that this sort of publicity is going to turn out really negative for them.

Comment They read my newspaper article. (Score 1) 235

I write a weekly column for a local newspaper. I wrote how ISP's in general are monitoring traffic and are playing with throttling.

I got a call from a Comcast PR person about what exactly they do and don't do. I just thought I myself was particularly popular and that even large ISP's were reading my articles.

Thanks for bursting my bubble!

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