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Comment Two big barriers (Score 5, Interesting) 314

There are two big barriers for government IT hiring:

Pay scale
The GS payscale doesn't map well to high-end IT skills. So often you end up with the marginally qualified, or those rare individuals who are not only not in it for the money, but somehow find a way to turn down offers every quarter from another round of head-hunters.

Extra scrutiny
The government security and screening process is a lot tougher than many commercial enterprises. It leads to ironic debtor-prison type situations where an otherwise qualified guy about to have his house foreclosed can't get the job because he is a security risk because he needs the money. The government just doesn't want to take the risk he will be try to pay off his bills by selling access to the highest bidder.

Comment Ohh JOY (Score 1) 266

Just what I always wanted. Another boogie-man that I can give up all my rights to be protected from. Now I can both pay more in taxes to be protected and lose more of those freedoms and the privacy I wasn't really using anyhow.

With any luck this will work exactly as well as it did with the pervious boogie-man of terrorism. You know none of their plots would ever get foiled if not for the government taking away all our nasty freedoms.

At this rate I can soon be totally free of rights, which means I should be absolutely safe the same way that people in prison are perfectly safe.


Comment why punish everyone (Score 1) 691

Why do we rush to punish everyone in the interest of being "Fair"? What should really be done is make those responsible bear the weight for their bad choices.

Simple solution is make the people without insurance find a way to pay for any damage done. If you can't get the money from selling their assets then you could check what human organs are selling for on the black market.

That would only have to happen once before the message gets out to even the densest person. Then you won't have to make everyone else suffer for the bad behavior of a minority of people.

It may sound cruel to do this to a handful of people, but no more so than punishing millions who are innocent.

Comment Re:Education is leading students astray (Score 1) 433

Yes it does.

If we actually taught students that it matters what they major in, maybe more of them would go into fields which are in demand, such as STEM fields referenced in this article.

Instead we told students just get a degree in anything and then wonder why we have so many (for example art and history majors) ending up working fast-food to get by.

If the education system had instead encouraged STEM degrees as a way to be sucessful, and been honest that only small percentages of people with certain degrees can actually *find* a related job we wouldn't be in this boat.

Comment Education is leading students astray (Score 1) 433

I blame education for this.

One one hand you tell students they will be sucessful if they get a college degree (any college degree).
On the other hand you have colleges marketing easy-and-fun degree programs with very low market demand for those degrees.

The net result is a crop of students with a pile of debt and a Masters degree in Basket-Weaving which isn't necessary in the real world.

Comment Re:Babylon 5 quote (Score 1) 183

It is as if millions of nerds cried out at once, and were suddenly silenced. -Guinan (played by Oprah Winfrey)

The original quote is from Star Wars.

Obiwan /= Guinan

Surprisingly it got modded "Informative"?

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