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Comment Re:Mass (D)Effect (Score 1) 362

So what, the customer have a faulty bit, manufacturer reimburse that customer, it's not like everybody have the same 'flaky bit'. Now, if hundred of people have similar issue, chance that everyone of them have the same flaky bit is unlikely. Even let say that particular video card have a design issue(or driver or api etc), then more people would get problems. then the game manufacturer do some investigation and check why their software doesn't work where thousand of other do.. and find a fix. Myself, I generally use only tested and proven techniques and call. I don't try to be clever nor use the latest API extension (DirectX 2012 FTW). specially when the basics works just as well. I even try to be as generic as possible, and limit my use of the platform specifics. In case I need to port to other platforms. and that make it quite stable, even more, the next programmer that do maintenance on my code doesn't have to know every tricks and obscure call to understand what happening, more gain there!

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