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Comment 3D printing / DIY CNC. (Score 1) 258

Manufacturing at your home...   Think it, design it, have the hardware make it.

I've started building my own 3D printer, and want to do some DIY CNC equipment (lathe, mill, etc.) also.  I'm glad to see the CNC world active in the DIY area. (Not yet started down that path, but making plans for it.)  There's a growing number of 3D printer parts suppliers like, who have various company/community supported support options, almost 24/7.

Is there a decent list of suppliers/DIY'rs for that sort of thing in the DIY CNC arena also?  Or is that still a growing market not yet filled?

Comment Transplants (Score 1) 355

Well, once they have the human head part down instead of a planarian, shut off the brain development portion and the grow eyes, faces, etc. for those that new ones.

Nice to know we are a step closer.

Comment Re:Do they mean a black hole or a singularity? (Score 1) 314

I hope this helps? And.. as I understand it... Mass = Density * Volume Singularity: Mass's volume has reached zero. Blackhole: The area that a singularity from which light cannot escape from. If you took the mass of the Earth and compressed it's volume to about the size of a marble you'd get a 'blackhole/singularity'.

Comment Beginning Python Visualization (Score -1, Offtopic) 46

Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, John Cleese, Michael Palin ruined the word "Python" for me. God bless them. :)

I really was wishing more for a book that was going to help me visualize Python in its core essence, to become One with that which is Python.

Oooooommmmmmm... Relax. Breath in. Breath out. Think Python. Be Python. Do Python!

What? Well, okay... cool.

"Beethoven's gone, but his music lives on, and Mozart don't go shopping no more. You'll never meet Liszt or Brahms again, and Elgar doesn't answer the door...."

"I had to get up in the morning at ten o'clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eat a lump of freezing cold poison, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for letting us work there, and when we got home, our Dad would murder us in cold blood, each night, and dance about on our graves singing "Hallelujah." But you try and tell the young people of today that... and they won't believe you."


Comment Paranoid? (Score 2, Interesting) 589

For the truly paranoid you'll worry about the NSA or the FBI piggy-backing with the FCC to get around such happy things as the Constitution and Due Process. It's just one more tool for them to use to justify the fact they are doing things out of due process and breaking the laws of the land. If they do all this to protect the land, is it really worth saving? *sad sigh*

Comment Lobster / Salad concept. (Score 1) 112

People trying to show TWC's thought process as Lobster / Salad meals on the same ticket and splitting the cost isn't fair just don't get it. I've not seen, and I may have just missed it, but all the customers of TWC are paying for Lobster buffet, and some are choosing to eat just the salad. TWC is banking on this. It's PURE profit for them. What they are failing to do, on the scale I feel they are fearing they will need, is increase bandwidth infrastructure .. if it's really needed. Booking profits now, instead of building for the future of the company for what they can see is coming quickly at them. With the changes in offerings of video over the internet and monthly subscriptions to in-your-mailbox DVDs it's cutting into TWC's profits. They are trying to 'twist' how the billing structure is to enhance thier profit not better spread the cost loads. I'm glad TWC has seen the light - at least when they were facing possible law-makers getting involved, but I expect that within a short period of time they will be doing something as bad. I have the same cable modem. I have the same wires in the house. I have the same up/download speeds. Yet, My internet fee rate has gone up about 60% since I started. My pay rate certainly hasn't increased in relation to thier fee's. There's fair market, and there's gouging customers after getting them 'hooked' on fast internet. ** Sure, sugar.. Take it.. First one's free. ** I'll switch to DSL or some other provider source before they get any more money from me.

Comment Re:Wow, such bias (Score 1) 553

Regarding "Wasn't one time"; I think you missed the Step 5 in my 5 step program. Go to Step 1. Repeat. People have been fighting like this for that land for 3000+ years, how anyone can think this has been one time I'd never know. Everyone change colors and start this all over again. Regarding "Not fair"; I think you missed something there? Bluemen were what I labeled as saying "Not fair!" I've seen such articles in the press in the United States and the world press when Palestinians threw rocks at Israeli soldiers who responded with escalated retaliation. So, I was trying to say "Someone else that is not Purplemen, or Greenmen were making comment about it like this." ~Aahzimandious

Comment Re:Wow, such bias (Score 2, Insightful) 553

From my limited view:

If a Greenman attacked a Purpleman because he is a Purpleman. That's Racism, and other criminal acts. Yes?

If a Greenman kills a Purpleman because he is a Purpleman but with no intent to destroy all Purplemen. That's Racism and Murder. Yes?

If a Greenman kills, or plans to kills, many Purplemen because he is a Purpleman. That's Racism and mass murder, or the plotting there of. Yes?

If a Greenman kills or plans to kill every/most Purplemen in a region or the world. That's Geneocide, or the plotting there of. Yes?


If Greenmen attacked Purplemen because the Greenmen were angry because of the situation that the [Purplemen and Greenmen forefathers] put them in and cannot make peace with themselves, thier forefathers, and thier neighbors(Purplemen) then when/if the Purplemen retaliate against the Greenmen attack(s) and possibly 'innocent' Greenmen (hurt/killed) that were anywhere near the Greenmen that probably attacked the Purplemen is that Genocide? No. It means they are fighting and there was possibly 'innocent' Greenmen were hurt/killed.

If in that situation for every four Greenman and there is one Purpleman that is killed in the [Greenman attack and the corrosponding Purpleman retaliation] isn't Peace, even a bitter one, better? Unless the Greenmen are planning to continue no matter the cost, and/or genocide of the Purplemen is really the intent.

But lo!, then the Bluemen come along and say "That is not a fair fight!! The Greenmen used rocks, and sticks, but the Purplemen used swords and wore armor!" So what?

Stop picking fights with the big kid in the schoolyard if he's happy to leave well enough alone, and eyes won't be blackened and noses won't be bloody. Sure, get lucky in the fight once in a while but "WHY?!", especially if the the little kid in the playground is trying to make the big kid get the little kid's kitten out of the tree that the little boy's grand-father scared into the tree in the first place, and then get the big kid to chop down the tree for the little boy so that his kitten can never get stuck in the tree again?

The Greenmen don't have to forgive, they don't have to forget - do the best with the cards they are delt! Perhaps diverting the energies of War to the energies of Peace, Education, and infrastructure would give a better chance at change? Yes? Maybe?

Perhaps the Greenmen know education and infrastructure is EXPENSIVE to make work. It's EXPENSIVE to make a good life starting from scratch; but it has to start some where. But sadly, it's cheaper to go to blame others, and make War with the Purplemen and hope that something magical would happen when it's all over that it'll be better for the Greenmen. In the end, nothing changes.


It really doesn't matter even because everyone has to switch colors for the next fight and start the process over...

1. Greenmen fight Purplemen!
2. Purplemen fight Greenmen!
3. * magic happens!(or doesn't...) *
4. Greymen profit!
5. Goto 1


PS: Vote for me for "World Dictator and Evil Overlord!" I PROMISE it will be a much better and happier World! The firing squads will continue until everyone is Happy! Are you Happy? Yes/No?

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