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Comment Re:Pity my MacPro can't run it (Score 1) 200

I'm not positive, but I think if you replace your Bluetooth / WiFi card, you may be able to get this working on older Macs. That was the case with Airdrop when it originally came out. Need something with the appropriate cocktail of BT versions & extensions. Haven't looked at forcefeeding Sierra onto my MacPro1,1 yet, but will likely grab a newer BT card when the time comes. Ditto my MacBookPro5,5.

Anybody know which cards will fit & have the necessary feeps?

Comment Re:universal clipboard wtf (Score 1) 200

Couple of bad things with Airdrop...

First is that there's two completely different technologies called Airdrop that don't interop. First was old-Mac Airdrop that only worked on Macs. Then iOS Airdrop which was different. Then new Macs started using new-Airdrop, but they required newer Bluetooth hardware than lots of old Macs had, so the old Macs still used old-Mac Airdrop & didn't interop with new Macs or iOS. Clusterfsck in other words...

Handoff uses the newer Bluetooth hardware (so no old Macs), but at least it's the same on all the iOS & Mac versions that claim to support it & designed to interop across platforms. I think the hybrid BT/Wifi tricks they pull also make it more likely for devices to find each other than the old-Mac pure network based approach used to.

Comment Re:universal clipboard wtf (Score 2) 200

Settings -> iCloud

Handoff is tied to the iCloud account. If you leave your iCloud account logged in on your kid's phones, they have access to your photos, mail, contacts, calendar, notes, Safari history & bookmarks, notes, credit cards (via Wallet), keychain passwords, and every document that any iCloud enabled app has ever stored for you from either your phone or computer. You maybe don't want to do that...

Setup family accounts, and let them login to their own. Everyone shares purchases, and everyone has their own sandbox for storage, Handoff, etc.

Comment Re:universal clipboard wtf (Score 1) 200

You're logging in wrong...

Apple accounts are per-person. If you're sharing them, all kinds of cross-linked badness will happen. Dad uses the main account & kids have family accounts (with limits & allowances set). All purchases are shared, but pasteboard & assorted iCloud storage is kept separate. There's no good reason to be sharing accounts.

The shared pasteboard is useful, and I love it. Browsing slashdot on my phone, have to type a rant-y reply... Type on Mac, copy/pasta & paste into phone.

Comment Re:Butchering a line of dialog from "Serenity" (Score 1) 48

Did you factor in the cost of this being at the height of its FUD cycle on iPhone 7 release day? I'd love to see a rough figure of how many people try to exchange their Samsbomb phone today, get told there are no non-exploding ones available, and decide to return it for refund and go to the Apple store. Would also love to see a follow up figure of how many of those users stay with Apple for their next phone.

Comment Re:addressing the wrong problem. again. (Score 2) 140

This is just a temporary measure until they come up with a better solution.

Sorry, I don't buy that. If the problem is that some people are over-using the systems preventing others from using them, then completely disabling them for everybody while you look for a better solution is worse than doing nothing. You've turned unavailable for some people in some places at some times to unavailable for all people every place all the time.

There's no question this was a knee jerk reaction to "pr0n is bad!" They're not trying to prevent people from hogging them. They're preventing people from viewing material they consider objectionable.

Comment Re:yay (Score 1) 217

The current home button doesn't help much if the software fails. It's seldom able to interrupt a locked app or crashed phone. They do have a watchdog on the Home/Power combo. As long as they maintain that on the (presumably still there) power button, there's nothing lost. "Hold power for 10 seconds and the watchdog barks" is good enough to deal with a complete software lockup.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 217

Pretty sure it would only take a few uses to figure out the right spot. There was a previous /. posting that mentioned (I think) a patent filing of using haptic feedback for a virtual button. So you'll get the tactile *tap* when you "push" it. The haptics on Apple Watch aren't quite as good as physical buttons, but maybe they'll get better in the interim. There's definitely a responsiveness thing they need to get right.

The watch has a uncomfortable delay to a lot of its responses. If they can get as good as a physical button click with the haptics, then I don't see a problem. If it's laggy, then I wouldn't be a fan.

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