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User Journal

Journal Journal: Some of my better comments

Largely my comments go unnoticed, but some of these are gems:

User Journal

Journal Journal: Submissions to /.

2001-06-09 02:46:03 MPAA, @home on usenet and you (yro,censorship) (rejected)
2001-09-12 02:54:04 Slashdot databses corrupting? (articles,news) (rejected)
2001-10-08 17:22:19 Microsoft article on (articles,microsoft) (accepted)
2001-10-09 17:32:53 Extensions pt2, the Other Side. (articles,apple) (rejected)
2001-10-14 16:31:40 The Future of broadband (articles,internet) (rejected)
2001-10-15 01:27:08 "The Macness of OS X, In depth" (articles,apple) (rejected)
2001-10-15 17:15:45 Arstechnica review of os X.1 (articles,news) (rejected)
2001-10-18 18:27:19 Innovation, Schminnovation! (articles,microsoft) (rejected)
2001-10-20 15:58:45 MOCA to promote competition? (articles,music) (rejected)
2001-10-20 16:05:52 Code as speech VS DVD CCA and MPAA (yro,news) (rejected)
2001-10-21 02:10:50 One world-music...scary. (articles,music) (rejected)
2001-10-21 21:04:08 It Takes Over a Village? (articles,microsoft) (rejected)
2001-10-21 21:29:00 XP, Bad Moon a' Rising? (articles,news) (rejected)
2001-10-23 01:36:13 A Question to /. (this is getting out of hand) (askslashdot,slashback) (rejected)
2001-10-30 01:08:50 XP: Finger or gun in your back? (articles,microsoft) (rejected)
2001-10-30 01:24:31 Software with some stamina (articles,microsoft) (rejected)
2001-10-30 01:33:11 What Apple Can learn from WinXP. (articles,apple) (rejected)
2001-11-02 00:27:27 2000 vs XP...the verdict (articles,microsoft) (rejected)
2001-11-03 03:57:06 Someone explain this to me, please. (askslashdot,slashback) (rejected)
2001-11-05 13:30:01 Microsoft settlement agreement on Cnet (articles,news) (rejected)
2001-11-05 13:48:33 Sun and others on the Microsoft settlement. (articles,news) (rejected)
2001-11-23 06:11:31 XP's poor performace @ Infoworld tests (articles,microsoft) (rejected)
2001-11-24 18:41:40 Hybrid DDoS worm strikes MS servers (articles,microsoft) (rejected)
2001-11-24 19:10:49 Does .asf == Another Security Flaw? (articles,microsoft) (rejected)
2001-11-29 18:47:29 Reversal on "DVD cracking code" aka DeCSS (articles,news) (rejected)
2001-11-29 22:03:08 @home switchover URL (articles,news) (rejected)
2001-11-30 14:45:11 DeCSS. California can't make up it's mind. (articles,news) (rejected)
2001-11-30 14:53:15 The Microsoft Resistance @ Salon (articles,microsoft)

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