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Journal Journal: Whos your Bahgdady?

I am leaving Bahgdad after 1 year here. Going back to Kuwait for a week of relaxation, and then to Chicago for a lifetime of suburbia.
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Journal Journal: Oops

I live in Baghdad now. seriously.
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Journal Journal: Yeah Yeah

I have moved to Kuwait. Not in the US Army anymore. Married now. Got a lot of money. Wife is in Chicago. She is going to school. END TRANSMISSION

Journal Journal: Rambling on.

This ramble is probably to myself, since I have only a lurking presence on Slashdot.

Threre is no topic marked "Military", but that is what it is. Here are some things that I am consider a guru for and some of the things I spend my day doing: Satellite networks, promina clouds, timeplex circuits, realsecure consoles/datacollectors, WAN analysis, LOTS OF LAN ANALYSIS, everything cisco, RAID, SNAP servers, some crypto, PIX

firebirds, spectrum analysers and power meters oh my.

I really like: Snort, Agilent Advisors, NMap, Ethereal, and several other unmentionables.

I really dislike: Websense, 'Transparent' Proxys, NAT, PAT, DHCP (at least on Win32), DameWare, and Netbios.

Current Projects?
(Well, they are not all mentioned here but there is that national security thing):
-Debugging Promina's proprietary protocol.
-Performing man-in-the-middle attacks (on our lan)
-Squashing Lovegate flat
-Updating 30 page access-list (every fscking day)
-Crafting Honeypots
-Bringing VoIP to the battlefield (trying, anyway)
-Trying to do more open source but, despite what you might have heard, the military is Windows all the way (with some exceptions.).

This tent contains about 4 million dollars of stuff. There is WinNT4.0 on some servers, Win2000 on others. SNAP runs FreeBSD I think. The promina runs freeBSD (I guess), with some linux drivers for NFS. The REDCOM/IGX runs some other bastardized version of *NIX (If anyone knows, tell me). The voice switch runs Solaris. I am 3ft from 8 routers and 2 boxes full of 2950s. There 2 tape autoloaders. Terrabytes of data are wizzing right by my head and out the door towards the sky. Life couldnt be better.

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