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Submission + - NY insurance sign up sites mired in pre-launch foo (

ATL_gadget_grrl writes: It seems like the perfect storm of misses in User Acceptance and Usability testing as well as Training and Development. The WSJ is reporting this morning that those who are to use the new insurance sign up sites to assist New Yorkers in registering for insurance won't receive access to them until their day of launch to the public on October 1.

Elizabeth Benjamin, with the Community Service Society of New York, was quoted as saying "That's the one thing we would have liked".

Comment Re:Forget the Beets! (Score 1) 427

You do knwo that is the only complaint against them, right. "They make money, therefore there bad" is a weak ass argument.

This tapdances around the very hot "is capitalism evil?" meme of the week. If we're gonna go there, then truly, this isn't about making any farming more efficient, eco friendly, and safer. This is about the (extremely powerful) sugar lobby trying to dig their claws in more deeply to the American food network and get us even more hooked on the stuff. Seriously, why do we NEED sugar in stuff like chili seasoning or sloppy joes????? Kudos to the judge for saying we need to take a step back and actually EVALUATE what's going on here.

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