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Comment Re:LED vs LCD (Score 1) 67

Assuming you mean OLED-

I'm also curious for a different reason. The newest OLED display I've used was in a Lumia Icon and text was fuzzy around the edges compared to an older, lower-res phone with an LED backlit LCD display. My Nexus One had the same issue to a much larger extent.

If they use a PenTile or derivative display on the next iPhone I will not consider purchasing one.

Comment Why Verizon in the first place? (Score 1) 187

Why do people put up with all these BS fees the Verizon charges? I use the same network through an MVNO for a flat $30/month including all taxes and fees. I've had no issues and get more LTE data than I ever use. I bought the SIM for a subsidized $0.01 shipped and there was no activation fee. In fact, my first month was 1/2 price.

Yes, there are a few missing features. I don't get VoLTE, WiFi calling, or visual voicemail. LTE speeds are also throttled but I honestly can't tell the difference with normal usage. I certainly don't think these things are worth the extra $$$ a contract would entail.

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