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Comment Re:Hey, Obama, Trump doesn't need any help... (Score 2) 176

Serious question: Are you upset because our privacy is at risk or because it makes Obama look bad?

You can be honest, I know people IRL who seem to really care only about rooting for "their guy" and forgive all the bad things.

Both really, the privacy is the big thing but when you have high expectations is hurts even more. Bush I didn't expect much but Obama, I had my hopes.

Comment Where have they gone (Score 1) 231

A few years back you could buy a decent name-brand 10" tablet for $300. Toshiba made the Excite 10, Samsung and Sony had direct competitors. Now you start at $500 and up for a name-brand 10" tablet, that is laptop territory.

I love the Excite 10 that I bought, two issues Toshiba no longer updates Android for it and refuses to unlock the bootloader so I can install Cyanogenmod.

Comment Re:That's just too damn bad. (Score 1) 767

Colorado Springs has taken to installing speed bumps on some of the streets that non-residents use as short-cuts, definitely slows down traffic. Other approaches are to design neighborhoods with single entrance/exit or have the streets wind about before exiting, thereby significantly increasing travel time and distance. The passive-aggressive approach to traffic control can be very effective.

Comment Read the Poll Question (Score 1) 229

The poll doesn't ask how you back-up your data, it asks how you protect your data. You are completely correct that RAID is not back-up but thhe use of any RAID type except RAID 0 will protect your data from a failed disk and the question was how do you protect your data.

Comment Re:It's because most smartphones SUCK. (Score 1) 39

Motorola, while owned by Google, released a few decent phones that were basically stock Andriod (MotoX, MotoG, MotoE). Also released updates for my MotoG in a timely manner. So far Lenovo hasn't screwed up the phones, no telling whether or not they will continue to release Android updates.

Comment Re:I have an idea... (Score 2) 231

Sensible is relative, look at the geography of Chile, the distances involved and the relations with their neighbors, then get back to me about sensible. In the time it would take to build the lines you would probably go through more than one bubble/downturn in the copper/lithium markets.

Building transmission lines is more than just having the copper available. You need the factories to build the cable, steel for the towers, right of way for the lines. All doable but not something that can be create quickly or easily and do you spin this up for a one time effort.

I love the development of solar energy but too many people forget all the logistics that go into transporting the solar from the best production areas to the consumer. Building the transmission lines from the desert, Atacama/Sahara/Mohave, to the consumers Santiago/Europe/Los Angeles ain't cheap, easy or fast.

Comment Sort of (Score 1) 231

The real problem with solar is the areas of the world that are the best for producing solar energy are a long way from the population centers that that would consume the energy, requiring the construction of massive power transmission lines, can you say NIMBY, or the creation of some other way to transport the energy, maybe hydrogen if someone can figure out how to scale hydrogen production and the logistics of transportation.

Yes, Germany has many small scale solar production facilities near population centers but for now they are the outlier and yes Cairo is close to the Sahara.

Comment Neighboring Countries (Score 1) 231

If you look at a map, Chile borders three countries.

Argentina -- you would have to build transmission lines over the Andes, good luck with that. Also the power is in the north of Chile and Argentina borders the more southern parts of Chile. It would make more sense to build long transmission lines to Santiago and that would be over 1000 miles, a damn long transmission line.

Boliva -- The Andes are in the way and Bolivia and Chile still aren't the best of friends. Something about who should own the Atacama mining regions and access to the Pacific.

Peru -- See War of the Pacific and it is still a long haul from the Atacama desert to any Peruvian population centers.

Comment Actually, (Score 3, Informative) 62

I recently purchased a MotoX Pure Edition and MotoG Third generation and most of the is is still true. The MotoE is reported to be a pretty good entry-level android phone.

  - Shipping fairly high-end kit, though perhaps not always the latest and greatest
  - Very good power efficiency (for Android)
  - A lack of the excessive amount of crapware you get on most phones; only the bare minimum the carrier forces on you
  - A close-to-vanilla Android experience
  - Great build quality and premium feel
  - Reasonable prices - they were never the most expensive in the marketplace
  - Generous battery capacity -- which, when combined with the power efficiency of their tuned SoCs, led to awesome battery life without any external batteries or extended batteries

Hopefully Lenovo doesn't go the route they did with the Thinkpad line and totally ruin the quality.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 4, Insightful) 415

Take a look at the water pollution and air pollution associated with that manufacturing, then take a look at the environmental regulations in the USA versus China.

Now you have your answer why.

Cost of labor isn't the only reason that manufacturing has moved to the third world. One of the big reasons that the rivers and air in the USA is cleaner now than in the 50s and 60s is the migration of dirty manufacturing plants out of the USA.

Decide for yourself if that is good or bad.

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