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Comment Bull Puckey (Score 1) 237

Except that person that boards the "Democrat" bus is under no obligation to vote for any specific candidate or party. Do the bus providers hope you vote for their candidate, sure do, but they do not ask who you are supporting before boarding the bus and they don't ask you to provide a "selfie" afterwards proving who you voted for.

Comment Re: Why even have elections? (Score 1) 430

Cannot vote Libertarian for the following reason:
-- The Environment-- property rights being enforced before the '60s is one of the biggest reasons our skies and rivers were so polluted before the EPA came into existence.

For anyone who was old enough to pay attention during the late 60s/early 70s you have to remember the smog over major cities, a river that could burn and Lake Erie dying. The regulations promulgated by the EPA resulted in much cleaner air, rivers and lakes.

Comment Cell phone prices (Score 1) 181

Think about this for a minute:

In 1977 may father paid $25 per month for a single line plus any long distance fees (average $45 per month with three teenager in the house) and no access to any on-line stuff because it did not exist. He also paid about .$0.45 per gallon of gas.

Today I pay $150 per month for four phones with unlimited long distance and shared 15GB of data. I pay $2.50 for a gallon of gas. The phone has tripled while gas is five times as expensive.
When compared to other items the price of phone service has declined not risen.

Comment Re:Double Standard (Score 0) 459

The IRS targets individuals because they don't follow the correct political views.
Peter Thiel is investigated by department of Labor because he supports Trump.

The facts show that only 1/3 of the 501c4 organizations questioned were classified as conservative.

So, since Peter Thiel is a conservative you think he shouldn't be investigated?

Comment Re:Two types of laws (Score 1) 459

Were they prosecuted for less or offered a plea deal with only the less serious details revealed to protect additional classified information? Happens all the time, the individual will threaten to reveal more information in open court if prosecuted fully.

The DoD definitely does all it can to conceal the details of security incidents.

Comment Re:Two types of laws (Score 1) 459

Are we sure that elected officials and appointed members of the administration are required to sign an NDA?

I do know that they are investigated the same as anyone seeking a security clearance, not so sure they are required to sign the NDA. FYI, I have signed the NDA and have served as a Security Manager in the military.

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