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Comment Re:Online shopping keeps the post office alive (Score 1) 82

The Parcel portion of the USPS business historically subsidized the first-class letter part of the business. By law the USPS has to provide first-class letter service (important point). When the law was changed to allow companies to compete with the USPS the competitors (UPS) skimmed off the profitable Parcel portion of the business and left the money-losing first-class letter delivery to the USPS.

That is the chief reason, among many, that the USPS is not a profitable business.

Comment Re: Big Difference (Score 2) 429

Hence I said probably, the older finds are in dispute among anthropologists. They may be validated at some point but the point that the original migrants didn't displace groups already on the land stands. The Americas were at one point, less than 100,000 years ago, human-free with plenty of space to occupy without pushing out an already established population. The Europeans tended to take what they wanted because "might makes right" and since the local inhabitants already had prior claim to the best spots well "you do what you gotta do" /sarcasm.

Comment Re:Google as gatekeeper of truth (Score 2) 429

Follow along please:

The sign now says ~1M were exterminated AT Auschwitz.
Another 800K at Treblinka
Another 600K at Belzek
Another 300K at Chelmno
Another 250K at Sobibor

That is 3M just at the locations built specifically to exterminate as many Jews as possible. Now add in those that were killed at places like Warsaw and concentrations camps not specifically built to exterminate Jews and the numbers add up pretty damn quick. Don't forget to add in camps like Jadovno that were run by the Croatian government that exterminated from 100,000-300,000, the Croatians didn't keep as good a records as the Germans.

Time to stop hanging your had on the single "fact" that a sign was changed from 6M total to 1M at this site. But then you don't care because denial is your way of life.

Comment Re:Licensed tool (Score 1) 70

NOPE and NOPE. This dodge is what the company that makes the "Stingray" tries. Put it into the contract that a police department cannot reveal that they use the "Stingray". Then when the judge/defending attorneys ask about methods the Police state they are contractually bound not to reveal them.

The general method can be discussed without revealing details. AKA we purchased hacking tool "X" to perform the mission, details are contractually limited. Then the judge can make a ruling as to the validity of said contract limiting discussion.

Comment Re:One thing is for sure (Score 2) 70

" And the most worrisome attack on national security and counter intelligence agencies is the idea that the US should extend the protections of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to foreigners operating internationally or domestically."

Fucking aye right we should extend these to foreigners. The bill of rights is a basic template of right that all human beings should have not just citizens. How can we be any kind of example if we say "Nope, you're French so no freedom of speech for you." or "Nope, you are here on a visa so you don't have "habeas corpus" right so we can imprison forever without redress."

Nothing in the Bill of Rights inherently limits these rights to only US citizens.

Comment Re:Wrong Definition of Neutrality (Score 2) 319

It you download from a third party server who's owner has it throttled to 1Mb/s per connection you're never going to get anything but 1Mb/s out of it. You might have a 100Mb/s ISP connection but it doesn't make any difference if the server is implementing throttling. Many people do not understand this and complain to their ISPs about slow download speeds.

You sir are correct, BUT I should be able to access third-party speed check sites AKA and see a speed that is within 10% of my advertised rate. I spent six months trying to convince CenturyLink there was a problem with I was receiving a max of 1.5 mb when I was being billed for 10mb. They tried to claim congestion on the network, if true they needed to upgrade their backhaul to eliminate the congestion and provide me with something close to the 10mb I was paying for.

Comment Re:Companies doing fine; not comsumers (Score 1) 319

Or the various municipalities should be ensuring that "franchise" license agreements aren't screwing over their customers. All it would take is some large enough subset of municipalities to include net neutrality clauses to ensure that customers aren't getting defrauded.

Won't work, the ISPs will then lobby the state governments to make net neutrality clauses illegal. Just like they have lobbied state governments to make municipal ISPs illegal.

Comment Re:Ninth Amendment (Score 1) 126

Again no rights are being created, they already exist. Yes it should beup to the states to recognize the rights and but when the states fail to protect the rights of citizens, for example equal schools, then the federal government has the obligation to step in an protect the citizens rights when the state fails or refuses to do so.

Same Sex Marriage was always a right, whether or not it was enumerated in the constitution. The only problem was a failure of the state to protect the rights of ALL its citizens. The federal government recognized the failure of the states and stepped in.

That is unless you believe that that President Eisenhower had no constitutional right to enforce the desegregation orders during the 50's.

Comment Ninth Amendment (Score 1) 126

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

Seems like the founder already took care of this one. Many rights exist that are not specifically enumerated in the constitution and the courts are free to find those right violated. Unfortunately strict originalists like Scalia forget about the Ninth Amendment when they want to go back to what "The drafters of the Constitution wrote down" as their primary source for rulings. The Ninth basically says there is a lot of rights that we the founders haven't written down but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Comment Re:Ethernet (Score 1) 53

Now taking bets on if gigabit Ethernet will still outperform wireless in almost all use cases that don't require someone to be able to sit in their office chair with their laptop and spin continuously like this sentence...

In a home environment wireless can out perform wired as long as you don't have interference issues with your neighbors, but in an office environment where everyone connects to the same or a limited number of WAPs you have contention issues that bring the available bandwidth for each client down to less than optimal.

For a while I worked in an "open plan" office where everyone connected via wireless, many people used a tethered cell phone for access as it was SO much faster and more reliable than using the office "wi-fi" connections. The company had a screwed up infrastructure that treated every connection as external so you went through the external firewall whether using the provided wi-fi or tethered cell.

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