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Comment Actually, (Score 3, Informative) 61

I recently purchased a MotoX Pure Edition and MotoG Third generation and most of the is is still true. The MotoE is reported to be a pretty good entry-level android phone.

  - Shipping fairly high-end kit, though perhaps not always the latest and greatest
  - Very good power efficiency (for Android)
  - A lack of the excessive amount of crapware you get on most phones; only the bare minimum the carrier forces on you
  - A close-to-vanilla Android experience
  - Great build quality and premium feel
  - Reasonable prices - they were never the most expensive in the marketplace
  - Generous battery capacity -- which, when combined with the power efficiency of their tuned SoCs, led to awesome battery life without any external batteries or extended batteries

Hopefully Lenovo doesn't go the route they did with the Thinkpad line and totally ruin the quality.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 4, Insightful) 414

Take a look at the water pollution and air pollution associated with that manufacturing, then take a look at the environmental regulations in the USA versus China.

Now you have your answer why.

Cost of labor isn't the only reason that manufacturing has moved to the third world. One of the big reasons that the rivers and air in the USA is cleaner now than in the 50s and 60s is the migration of dirty manufacturing plants out of the USA.

Decide for yourself if that is good or bad.

Comment Logitech=no bluetooth (Score 1) 49

Logitech discontinued their Bluetooth desktop keyboards and mice too, All their desktop keyboards and mice now use the Unity dongle, who knows about the encryption on those. They still sell a couple of tablet oriented bluetooth keyboards but those are chicklet key and flat.

My MX 5500 Revolution is now dying and there is no decent and affordable bluetooth replacement. Someone on Amazon is asking $700 for a new in the box MX 5500, not sure if they have sold any for that amount.

Comment And in Colorado (Score 1) 178

I have exactly one provider, CenturyLink, $60 a month for DSL 7/1 service, no cable available. CenturyLink bought the local phone company and mothballed all the work they were doing to improve service, to include laying residential fiber and now says no to any upgrades in the foreseeable future.

Granted I live on the Eastern Plains but it just shows what competition can do to prices and service. Since the military stationed me here moving is not an option.

Comment Re:"Chances are"? (Score 1) 340

Motorola G and X series both have working FM chips if not purchased through a carrier. Some of the carriers disable the FM chip.

I currently have a Moto G third edition and my daughter has a Moto X Pure Edition purchased directly from Motorola with working FM chips.

IMO they are the best deal for the money when it comes to mid-range (Moto G) and flagship (Moto X) phones purchased outside of a contract.

GSM phones working with ATT network.

Comment Sesame Street is now funded by HBO and has first a (Score 1) 340

And you prove GPs point. If they had the government funding that some people think they wouldn't need to partner with HBO to fund a popular show like Sesame Street.

Same goes for CBC/BBC and Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). In fact the incumbent governments of each nation are attempting to cut funding because they don't report the government line.

Comment Re:Hostess and backruptcy (Score 1) 208

Your first line mentioned union shenanigans then as an afterthought added changing food tastes, nothing to do with management malefesance or VCs raiding the retirement accounts of said retirees or how they heavily leveraged every thing they could during Chapter 11 resulting in a Chapter 7 liquidation. If management had reacted to the changing diets, Kind of their job or the VCs had really intended to restructure instead of using Hostess as a cash cow a Chapter 11 reorganization might just have worked. The union had already made concessions but got tired of it when the VCs continued to just raid the shell of the company.

Whatever you mention in the first line will be what people remember. Kind of how a headline works.

Comment Hostess and backruptcy (Score 1) 208

I'm guessing they meant Hostess? Which went bankrupt a few years ago do to Union shenanigans.

Read this and get back to me on that http://www.theatlantic.com/bus...

A multitude of problems took down Hostess, bad union contracts, management not adapting to the changing American diet, VC team that took Hostess private saddled it with debt during Chapter 11 resulting in the Chapter 7 liquidation. Plenty of blame to go around.

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