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Comment Re:Not gonna help you (Score 1) 280

As an ex-firefighter, courtesy of a fall, I can tell you that it happens much more often than you would think. The most common reason for a second house to catch fire is being too close and having asphalt shingles but only because asphalt is much more common than cedar shake. There is a damn good reason cedar shake shingles are outlawed in many jurisdictions.

Comment Re:Tougher.... (Score 1) 280

Sure, store a couple of bundles in your shed that gets hot enough to melt the little adhesive dots on the back of the shingles so that bundle of individual shingles becomes one single massive shingle. Go ahead and try using that bundle after five years in the shed. Speaking from experience here in lovely Colorado, home of massive hail storms.

Comment Price? (Score 1) 127

This I don't get, every other computing device has come down in price but top of the line Android tablets have increased in price. My Toshiba 10.1 cost $300 four years ago, today a name brand 10" tablet will cost $400-$500 and have less functionality. The Toshiba has a full sized SD card slot, try finding that on a tablet today.

The SD card slot is perfect for previewing photos in the field. Damn near every DSLR uses SD card storage, pop the card into the Toshiba and fire up Droid RAW and I can preview my photos on a decent 10"screen instead of the tiny built in screen on the camera.

Comment Bull Puckey (Score 1) 317

Except that person that boards the "Democrat" bus is under no obligation to vote for any specific candidate or party. Do the bus providers hope you vote for their candidate, sure do, but they do not ask who you are supporting before boarding the bus and they don't ask you to provide a "selfie" afterwards proving who you voted for.

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