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Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 262

to do something based on how they were born

You understand gays are not "born that way," correct?

Try telling a gay teenager that is struggling with bullying and ridicule that he/she made a choice to be gay. FYI homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom and has been recorded in humans since humans kept recording.

Your religious beliefs about sexuality have no basis in science.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 262

Yes, individuals that were members of a mixed-race marriage performed in another state were jailed. The state did this because it could. Do you really think that if the state thought it could jail LGBT members married in another state it wouldn't? Many states never formally repelled sodomy laws what makes you think this would be any different.

My point is the arguments presented buy opponents of LGBT marriages and mixed-race marriages are basically religious or I just don't like it.

Positive and negative rights are again are an attempt to say if you prevent me from discriminating against someone I don't like you are taking away one of my rights, Guess what, in your private life have at it BUT when dealing with other members of society, either as a businessman, government, or citizen trying to deny someone else the capability to do something based on how they were born, you have no right to do that in the Unites States of America. Denying marriage because you feel it is wrong for a specific individual to marry negatively impacts them much more than it does you. Many, many laws and judicial decisions in this country grant rights based on marriage status. Eliminate those and we can talk about the rest.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 262

if you think the government should stay out of marriage completely and that expanding the definition is going in the wrong direction you're 'homophobic', .

Would you prefer the more generic term of "BIGOT"? Because many of the individuals arguing against extending marriage equality to the LGBT community are using the same arguments that "BIGOTs" used to argue against mixed race marriages.

Go ahead choose your descriptor of choice and I will gladly use it.

Comment Re:BULLSHIT MOTHERFUCKER... apk (Score 1) 248

You would only be in prison if you had signed a document that says you agree to these requirements to receive a security clearance.

It is not illegal for a general citizen of the US to possess or read a document the US Government has deemed top secret. If it was it would be illegal for the majority of US citizens to read the information on parts of Wikileaks. See the Pentagon Papers case if you don't believe me.

Granted Hillary signed the document and you might find yourself a victim of illegal rendition BUT the point stands if you have never signed the documents required to get a security clearance it is not illegal for you to possess or read a TS marked document.

APK=>Dumb motherfucker

Comment Re:Everyone? (Score 1) 370

I certainly wasn't trying to actually spec out any kind of an HT. Those are numbers for some common pieces that illustrate contrary to al0ha's opinion HT is within reach of anyone.

65" OLED screen is fine for a 2-4 person room but for a 10 person HT it won't cut it.

Audio could run you 50K or more if you want to go with the "good" stuff.

$500 bucks for one of the 2 or 3 available UHD BlueRay players is about right.

DYI costs vary immensely and yeah 50K for the room and prep after buying electronics isn't uncommon.

I personally do not have an HT room as my tastes run to fast cars but a couple of buddies are always dropping cash on this or that upgrade for theirs.

Comment Yep to underestimating (Score 1) 370

I was using low to mid-range budget numbers just for parts, not including installation and calibration costs. Dedicating space in a home is another thing people don't think about.

Most people have no idea how much it costs to actually build a true HT. If I had said 50K-100K slashdotters would think is was nuts.

That 65" screen with a soundbar is plenty adequate for most people to watch on. It is for me, especially sports but don't go thinking you have a Home Theater.

Comment Everyone? (Score 1) 370

I think not, a decent Home Theater Room will still set you back 20-40K and require you dedicate space in your home to said HT. Even at $12 a pop 20K will pay for a hell of a lot of movie tickets,

4K Projector 10K
Good 120" screen 1K
HT receiver ATMOS Capable 2K
Speaker System 3K
Subwoofer 1K
Installation costs 5-10K

Those are mid-range HT parts. It goes up from there. And damn the 2yr old HT receiver doesn't support HDR pass-through, now you need a new receiver.

A 65" screen with a soundbar does not equal a Home Theater.

Comment Re:ESPN affected 'most' by cutting? (Score 1) 155

You have the concept but the timing is off. ESPN was not owned by Disney/ABC when it originally was added to basic service.

What happened is despite what Slashdot readers thing sports is very, very popular in the US. When cable first started growing in the early 80's a lot of households were getting because they wanted to watch ESPN. ESPN leveraged this by insisting that ESPN be included in every basic package and that ESPN got revenue for every subscriber. Joe Six-Pack didn't care he wanted his ESPN. Later ESPN leveraged their popularity be creating ESPN2 and saying if you don't add ESPN2 to the basic package and give us a bigger slice then NO ESPN for you. Joe Six-Pack would have none of that so ESPN got bigger. Now comes along Disney/ABC and they just grow the leverage by saying if you want ESPN then Disney Channel has to part of the Basic package. Etc. Etc. Etc.

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