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Comment DC transmission lines? (Score 3, Interesting) 183

I was wondering whether there UV flash also exist for DC transmission lines. Is there any expert around who knows that?

This is of interest as it is very difficult to build new power lines all over Europe, usually resulting in around 20 years of legal battle for a mere 30 km of power lines far away from any densely populated area. This is just slightly reduced for buried transmission lines with all their disadvantages. Thus a current idea/discussion is to hang DC power lines on existing poles for long distance transmission.

Comment Re:wait, what? (Score 1) 687

Well, you misunderstood. They produced 5TWh of energy in July, the month of July has 744 hours, so the average power from photovoltaics was 6.72GW. This is comparable to about 15 nuclear reactors. When you look at presentation linked in the article, you see that this drops 0.35TWh in January, i.e., an average power of 0.47GW. In Germany the price for electricity is about 3 times that of the U.S., at least partially due to the subsidies of renewables.

Comment Re:Quite a lot of problems with the paper (Score 1) 418

A major mistake in my eyes is that they only ensure that these people were in a moving vehicle, not that they were actually driving it. Think about busses or your kids talking on the phone while you're driving. Considering this and that only few people make calls while driving, it is very likely that only a small percentage of the measured data were actually people driving a car.

Submission + - SPAM: Google would test an encryption service for Drive

net4tech writes: Few people know this, but Google Drive service does not receive an encryption option. And at a time when the Prism hyperbolic case sows doubt about confidentiality of data stored in the platforms of online data storage, the California firm could soon provide an option encryption to reassure users. For now, and since the case of espionage boxes Gmail by the Chinese authorities, only the connection between the user and Google's servers is secure by default HTTPS via an SSL tunnel. If data transmission is encrypted, it is not the case for servers in the firm.
- See more at: [spam URL stripped]

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Submission + - Canonical crowdsources to make Ubuntu smartphone called Edge ( 1

nk497 writes: Canonical has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise $32 million in 30 days to make its own smartphone, called Ubuntu Edge, that can also hook up to a monitor and be used as a PC. If it meets its funding target on Indiegogo, the Ubuntu Edge is scheduled to arrive in May 2014. To get one, backers must contribute $600 (£394) on the first day or $810 (£532) thereafter. Canonical will only make 40,000 of the devices.

Submission + - Finnish Copyright Initiative Gets 50,000 Signatures

Koookiemonster writes: The Finnish citizens' initiative site (Finnish/Swedish only) has fulfilled the required amount of signatures for the third initiative since its founding. This means that the Parliament of Finland is required to take the Common Sense in Copyright initiative into processing.

The initiative calls for removal of copyright infringement as a crime, reducing violations by private individuals to a misdemeanor.

Submission + - Bell Labs Break Record with 31Tbps via a Single 7200km Optical Fibre (

Mark.JUK writes: Alcatel-Lucent's research and development division, Bell Labs, has successfully broken yet another record after it used 155 lasers (each operating at different frequencies and carrying 200Gbps of data over a 50GHz frequency grid) and an enhanced version of Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) to send information at a staggering speed of 31 Terabits per second over a single 7200km long optical fibre cable. Previous experiments have been faster but only over shorter distances or by using a different type of fibre optic cable entirely.

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