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Comment Re:Electricity isn't a right in the USA (Score 1) 565

Had he the money to run that wire, perhaps he should have bought up the land near it first. If I buy a house because of the view, I know that the view could change quickly if I do not know the property. Even if I do, imminent domain can still change it.

Also, doesn't DirecPC, Hughesnet, and others cover like 99.9% of the entire USA with Internet? The exception being where you can't get line of site with the satellites?

Comment What about the heat? (Score 1) 400

So it is winter where I live. Normally the heat from all my incandescent lights heat up my place a bit. This is where a lot of the waste is of the incandescent lights.

Most of the lights I have are now CFL. So while it is true the CFL is using less power, am I not compensating by using more power at my electric furnace?

Does the net power difference (savings) take into consideration that fact?

Comment Bandwidth control at the customers site? (Score 1) 658

Doesn't it seem that one should place the bandwidth controls at the central office, and not at the customers site?

You have less control of the uplink (from someones home to the Internet) by placing bandwidth restrictions it at the central office, however you would also have tighter control of the bandwidth from the Internet to the customer. You also remove the issue where the customer an circumvent your controls because the hardware is in their hands.

Seems this would also help assist in the problem previously mentioned here about allowing Torrents to use more local bandwidth by allowing more bandwidth between an ISP's customers.

Comment Old technology? (Score 0, Troll) 245

A girl I knew over 10 years a go had a 3D set of these hooked to her computer. I walked around her house during a party with them on, playing Doom in 3D. You turned your head to control your movement.

It was pretty cool seeing Doom in 3D projected in the room in front of me.

So how is this new technology? What's new about it? That this version is not 3D? That the resolution is 800 wide and not 320 pixels wide?

Comment Something you have, something you know. (Score 2, Insightful) 376

For that matter, the guys video taping the room to sell you and your wife's activities to that voyeur site aims the camera at your laptop, watches your keystrokes, and boom - he has all you passwords you type in. Banking? PayPal? E-Mail.

You really need to use both a password and a physical device. Such as RSA tokens. My bank offers this for online banking. I have several for different things.

Comment BGP (Score 1) 180

We use BGP to combine multiple circuits into a single bound circuit. We have outbound and inbound traffic working over this.

We have the routers set to not cache routing. But you can't expect to turn two 1.5Mb/s T1's into the same thing as true 3Mb/s connection. It is close, but a single video stream is only going to traverse one of the two T1's. A P2P download will use all 3Mb/s.

If all you really want is to speed up outbound connections (not inbound to a webserver for example) you can use something like a ZyXel 100 or 50. They have load balancing built in;

Comment Profits down? Sue your customers! (Score 1) 405

Ok, so what's likely really going on is that the device has a fixed cost and they sell the same device with different feature sets (software) at different prices.

Hobbyist have figured out how to buy the cheaper device and load the more expensive software, right?

If not, then WTF? TI's making the same profit on the device weather it was tinkered with or not. Learn from LinkSys. The WRT54G was being hacked to install DDWRT. LinkSys saw the value in this. When they released a new version of the WRT54G which no longer had the capacity for DDWRT, they released the WRT54GL aimed specifically at loading up DDWRT.

Embrace you customers, don't sue them! I realize suing them looks good on the books, and the 1 year term CEO can take the bonus and run before the long term results hit. But thinking like that will destroy a company.

Comment Re:Windows 7 reviews are no different.... (Score 1) 414

I disagree. We are on XP now, however we plan to move to Windows 7 EE as we roll out new machines.

With the EA including App-V in the MDOP, most anything which will not run in Windows 7 should run through App-V. We are finding that more of our applications work under Windows 7 without modification than did under Vista. Windows 7's system requirements are less than that of Vista. Add a 2008 R2 server and you get branch cache. There are no compelling reasons to stay with XP on a new PC now, however there features in Windows 7 which would be quite beneficial.

Comment How to incremintally address this issue with appro (Score 1, Interesting) 304

One way to partially address this issue, with users approval, is to offer a cheaper Internet connection which only allows for outbound connections.

Many customers have no need for inbound communications to their PC. As an option, provide them with an RFC1918 aka 192.168.x.x address, and let them save $5/mo.

This traffic would pass through the ISP's NAT firewall and would not support UPNP.

This would free up some IPv4 space for re-use by the ISP, and this would eliminate some BOTNET C&C. Obviously not all.

Another piece to this is to offer an alternate DNS service. Something like what OpenDNS and DynDNS are offering. Perhaps rebrand one of those services. These service track malware DNS and block them.

It's doesn't solve all the problems with Malware, but it does address several issues. It does place your non P2P customers into a separate offering, allowing you to bill P2P customers more. P2P customers would never go for this offering.

Comment Usefull in heavily saturationed WIFI areas (Score 2, Interesting) 271

Where I am there is some WIFI (hidden or not) on every channel. There are large broadcast towers about half a mile from me which have various Internet over 802.11B from service providers.

My WIFI in my home has a hard time with all this. This paint would be a good way for me to improve my in home signal. A lot of my equipment doesn't support the new 5Ghz of 802.11N, so while I have 802.11N APs they do not help much.

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