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Comment Re:The real test is (Score 1) 331

...can they cross the road?

In theory but nobody knows how to motivate them to do so.

Though the question of how to motivate is indeed unsolved; Two to three meters of aproach and a kick should deliver acceptable results.

In both cases of live and artificial chicken, I might add.

Who needs motivation when you can have momentum.

Comment Re:Your worship of the State is the problem (Score 1) 246

God outsourced his job responsibilities to the CIA in order to give him more time to watch you masturbate.

I think watching people masturbate was outsourced to DHS and FBI at some point.

I wonder what god does now, with so much free time on his hands.

Comment Re:We Cut Off Our Nose To Spite Our Face! (Score 1) 2837

* Congress doesn't need to agree funding it, because remember the Mexicans would be paying for it? Still won't be built, obviously, because no sane country ever would pay for it.

There is the slim chance that he makes living conditions in the states that bad, that the Mexicans will happily build a wall to keep the American refugees out.

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