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Comment Re:Downloading the intertubes, Daily (Score 1) 264

Different peak and off-peak data caps have been pretty much standard on broadband connections here in Australia ever since ADSL was first released in 2000. As an example, I'm currently on fibre with a 100Mbps plan, with 1TB peak (6am-1am) and unlimited off-peak (1am-6am) data. And that is definitely well above average usage here. Most ordinary home users on ADSL with have something more like 100GB a month, with average download speeds of 6.9Mbps according to 2014 figures.

Comment Re:Challenge accepted (Score 1) 134

Yes, but if a program is generating every possible 100x100 image to brute force an image containing his face, it doesn't know what it's outputting. You'd have to run the output images through a facial recognition system to erase whatever in the image wasn't a face. But it would still have to process the 4.478 PB of produced images.

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